Opening This Weekend at Sotheby’s NY: Prints & Multiples, Featuring the Collection of David Teiger

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    Opening This Weekend at Sotheby’s NY: Prints & Multiples, Featuring the Collection of David Teiger
    18.10.2018 - 22.10.2018

Prints from the Collection of David Teiger, Led by a Rare Set of Jasper Johns’s Cicada from 1981 Estimate $300/500,000 ** Iconic Subjects by Andy Warhol Including Ten Portraits of the Jews of the Twentieth Century ** 79 Prints Commissioned by Lincoln Center Editions, Sold to Benefit Cultural Programming & Education At the Beloved New York Institution

Opening for Public Exhibition in New York on 14 October AUCTION 18 – 22 OCTOBER
v NEW YORK, 12 October 2018 – Sotheby’s upcoming auction of Prints & Multiples in New York will feature an extensive selection of seminal works spanning the 20th and 21st centuries, with 450+ works being sold across four auction sessions held between 18 and 22 October 2018.

Following last week’s ‘white-glove’ auction of fine art from the collection of the late David Teiger at Sotheby’s London, the New York sale will open with 21 prints from the personal collection of this visionary collector, patron and museum trustee. Proceeds from the collection will benefit Teiger Foundation – soon to be one of the world’s largest and most significant contemporary art foundations – set up to support and promote excellence in contemporary art. The October group is led by Cicada, an extremely rare and complete set of screenprints by Jasper Johns that is estimated to sell for $300/500,000 (more details below).

The Prints & Multiples auction will be on public view in Sotheby’s New York galleries beginning this Sunday, 14 October.

Ranging from works by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso to Christopher Wool, David Hockney and Olafur Eliasson, the selection of 21 prints on offer from the Collection of David Teiger is led by a complete set of Jasper Johns’s beautiful Cicada (ULAE 215) from 1981 (estimate $300/500,000), which illustrates the artist’s iconic crosshatch motif across an array of complementary colors. In both its imagery and technique, the work demonstrates Johns’ passion for printmaking, with each screenprint employing 19 screens to achieve depth and texture – in the process exploring the boundaries of the medium. The present set is one of two printer’s proofs from an edition of only seven. A complete set of Cicada has not appeared at auction since 1997, when one sold from the famed Ganz Collection.

David Teiger had a strong commitment to collecting and supporting works by female artists, and the selection of prints from his collection features a group of figural nudes by Marlene Dumas as well as portraits by Elizabeth Peyton, including Flower Ben from 2003 (estimate $5/7,000).

A strong selection of works by Andy Warhol are highlighted by three complete sets of the artist’s prints, highlighted by Ten Portraits of the Jews of the Twentieth Century (F. & S. II.226-235) from 1980 (estimate $250/350,000). The portraits are a testament to the achievements of Sarah Bernhardt, Louis Brandeis, Martin Buber, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, George Gershwin, Franz Kafka, the Marx Brothers, Golda Meir, and Gertrude Stein. Other iconic subjects by Warhol include unique trial proofs of Paramount and Dracula, a screenprint of Superman from the Myths portfolio, and nine screenprints from the Flowers portfolio – each sold individually.

Considered an icon of postwar printmaking in America, Richard Diebenkorn’s Green is a showcase of the artist’s achievement in the field (estimate $400/600,000). Its monumental size – measuring 45 inches tall – balanced composition, layers of abstraction and brilliant color all factor into this work’s label as the artist’s largest and most important print.

Next week’s sale includes an extensive range of over 60 prints by Pablo Picasso. Spanning the artist’s career and mastery of nearly every print medium, highlights range from an impression of the artist’s first masterwork in etching, Le Repas frugal (B. 1; BA. 2) (estimate $50/70,000), to some of the strongest images from the Vollard Suite and numerous linoleum cuts from the 1960s – including Portrait de Jacqueline de face, II (Tête de femme) (B. 1063; BA. 1280) (estimate $80/120,000), one of three portraits of the artist’s wife and muse, Jacqueline Roque.

The Prints & Multiples auction will close on 22 October with a session dedicated to a selection of 79 prints from Lincoln Center Editions, with works by a diverse group of artists including Vija Celmins, Chuck Close, Jim Dine and Karen Kilimnik. The Proceeds from their sale of these prints continue to benefit Lincoln Center’s innovative cultural programming and education.

Lincoln Center Editions is a component of the Vera List Art Project, which was launched at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in 1962 by philanthropist and art collector, Vera List. A pioneer in the fields of contemporary patronage and art education, Vera was committed to helping develop Lincoln Center into an intersection of the visual and performing arts.

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  • Prints from the Collection of David Teiger, Led by a Rare Set of Jasper Johns’s Cicada from 1981 Estimate $300/500,000
    Prints from the Collection of David Teiger, Led by a Rare Set of Jasper Johns’s Cicada from 1981 Estimate $300/500,000
    Sotheby’s Auktionshaus
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