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From Canoes to Chandeliers - Summers Place Auctions' October sale offers a wide range of quirky objects for the garden and home

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    From Canoes to Chandeliers - Summers Place Auctions' October sale offers a wide range of quirky objects for the garden and home
    01.10.2019 - 02.10.2019

Natural History
 A blonde turtle shell (Podocnemis expansa) from the late 19th century and now mounted as a lamp is estimated at £2000-3000. These turtle shells were South American river turtles and would be captured to take on board the merchant ships of the 19th century. The turtles were then boiled (to make turtle soup) and eaten, with one turtle capable of feeding reputedly up to 100 sailors. However, the leftovers were not simply thrown overboard. Often a sailor would take the shell and polish it by hand giving it a gloss-white finish and sell it as an item of curiosity for a few shillings once docked at home which explains why most of them tend to turn up for sale in the northwest of England in the proximity of Liverpool, one of the busiest trading ports of the world at the time.
 A very large symmetrical onyx bowl from Mexico (70cm by 46cm) carries an estimate of £3000-4000.
 An impressive Malachite and Chrysocolla veneered box (15cm by 14cm) is expected to fetch £2500-4000.
 A modern, impressive shell display by Peter Schepanski is estimated at £4000- 6000, while an unusual hippopotamus hide lidded jug from the early 20th century with a hippopotamus tusk handle is expected to sell for £2000-4000.
 A pair of substantial coral work and composition stone busts of Neptune by Anthony Redmile from the 1970's, adorned with coral shells, quartz, malachite and with silver coloured metal bowls set with malachite cabochon's carry an estimate of £8000-12000. They are each 110cm high and typical for Redmile's work in the 1970's utilising elements of natural history as well as semi- precious stones.


Boys' Toys
 A rare SA-4 "Ganef" missile, from circa 1968. Almost 9 metres long and 3 metres wide, the 2K11 Krug (NATO code SA-4 Ganef) is a Soviet-made medium-range air defence missile. The development of the system started in 1958. The 2K11 was briefly operated by the Soviet army during the war in Afghanistan in 1979 and 1980, but was withdrawn several months after the initial invasion. In 1997, it was reported that, between 1993 and 1996, some 27 fire units of Krug and 349 missiles had been sold to Armenia. It reaches speeds of up to Mach 4 and has an effective range of 50-55 km (31-34 miles) depending upon the version. It carries a 135 kg (300 lb) fragmentation warhead. Possible engagement altitudes range from 100m to 27 km (330-88500 feet). It's estimates at £12000-15000.
 A French table football game from the mid 20th century by Championnat is 148cm long and is estimated at £3000-5000.
 A huge M14 training rifle from the mid 20th century carries an estimate of £6000- 8000. The American rifle is over two metres long and the rifles of enormous proportions were made as "training guns" for troops. Rather than showing individuals how the rifle worked they were able to demonstrate the mechanism (assembling, disassembling, cleaning, firing, etc) of the rifle to entire halls of troops, hence the cutaway sections which show the recoil system, the bolt and the cartridge chamber.

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  • From Canoes to Chandeliers - Summers Place Auctions' October sale offers a wide range of quirky objects for the garden and home
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