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Fine art asia 2016

Hong Kong

Fine Art Asia 2016, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, returns to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Sunday 2nd to Wednesday 5th October 2016, with a VIP Preview and Vernissage on Saturday 1st October.

The fair is staged at the peak of the October art season in Hong Kong and coincides with Sotheby’s auctions in the same venue. The vibrant atmosphere in the art scene at this time of year attracts a sophisticated, appreciative audience of dealers, collectors, curators and art lovers from throughout Asia as well as from all over the world.

A platform of excellence for the best galleries and artworks

Fine Art Asia 2016 will present an impressive collection of museum-quality fine art from both East and West, from antiques to contemporary art.

International exhibitors include Vanderven Oriental Art (The Netherlands), Robert Hall (London), Priestley & Ferraro Chinese Art (London), Gallery Lamy (Brussels), Nicholas Grindley (London) and Susan Ollemans Oriental Art (London), Ateliers Brugier and Galerie Luohan (Paris), who will present a wide range of rare Chinese antiques and works of art; Kaikodo (New York) presenting classical Chinese paintings; Koopman Rare Art (London), and Somlo Antiques (London), returning to the fair with exquisite antique silver and timepieces respectively, along with new exhibitors Silver & Silver (Bologna) and Top Time Musa (Milan); Boghossian (Geneva, Hong Kong and London), D’Joya (Birmingham) and 88-Gallery (Paris/Hong Kong) with fine art jewellery and decorative arts; Gladwell & Patterson (London), Galerie Dumonteil (Paris, Shanghai and New York) and Whitestone Gallery (Tokyo and Hong Kong), showcasing Impressionist, modern and contemporary art and sculpture. After a successful debut at Fine Art Asia 2015, Shibunkaku (Kyoto) is returning with two new exhibitors, Shukado (Tokyo) and Sokyo Gallery (Kyoto), to present exciting Japanese contemporary ink paintings and ceramic artworks.


- Buddhist and Himalayan Art
This year Fine Art Asia features a magnificent line-up of rare Buddhist and Himalayan art, presented by galleries from around the world. Each piece displays masterful craftsmanship and embodies deep religious significance.

Rossi & Rossi (London and Hong Kong), present a bronze statue of Varjasattva Shakti, Mongolia, School of Zanabazar, from the late 17th-early 18th century; and a rare thangka of Amitabha Buddha from the Xumifushou Temple, Chengde, China dating from 1779-80; Walter Arader Himalayan Art (New York), showcases a copper alloy statue of Buddha Shakyamuni from Tibet, late 13th-14th century; while Barrère Hong Kong is showing a gilt bronze statue of Green Tara, also from Tibet during the same period; Jacques How Asian Art (Brussels) is bringing a gilt copper female manifestation of Avalokitesvara from the Khasa Malla Kingdom in West Nepal, c. 12th/13th century, as well as a 17th century Tibetan thangka of two arhats; Tenzing Asian Art (San Francisco), is exhibiting a selection of Buddhist bronzes and paintings from the Himalayas at the fair; Mehmet Hassan Asian Art (Bangkok) is showing bronzes, Tibetan paintings and Himalayan works of art, including a bronze Tibetan statue of Milarepa (1040-1123), dating from the 15th century.

- New Photography section at the fair
This year Fine Art Asia has a new section devoted to photography, bringing together a group of selected Hong Kong and overseas galleries. This is in response to the growing interest in artistic photographic prints among collectors. Festivals, museums and galleries are also increasingly promoting photographic works.

Visitors will be able view a rare display of remarkable vintage prints by Japanese artist Araki Nobuyoshi, presented by Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo); the work of award-winning Taiwanese photographer Chou Ching-Hui, presented by La Galerie Paris 1839 (Hong Kong); “i Eye 愛”, an iPhone photo series by Alan Chan, exhibited by Gallery 27 (Hong Kong) and the “Hiding in the City” series by one of the best known Chinese artists, Liu Bolin, exhibited by Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery (Beijing and Hangzhou).

This new section of the fair is put together by Boogie Woogie Photography, a Hong Kong-based consulting agency which aims to promote photography. The mutual objective of Fine Art Asia and Boogie Woogie Photography is to showcase photography as a collectible art form.

Special Exhibitions:

- “Private Treasures: Experts share their Personal View”
This special exhibition is presented by founding members of the Hong Kong Antiques and Art Galleries Association (HKAAGA), which was established in 2015 with the aim of promoting the appreciation of fine arts through knowledge, experience and interaction with experts in the field.

Many members of the HKAAGA belong to the second generation of prominent dealers in Hong Kong, who have grown up in the world of antiques and art. Here, they have chosen pieces from their private collections that are special to them in some way, making some of them literally priceless.  It is a rare privilege to view such “private treasures” which are seldom displayed in public

- “World & Heaven”
Fine Art Asia 2016 is collaborating with the Hong Kong Sculpture Society to exhibit the “Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial 2016” at the fair, showcasing the work of Hong Kong’s most talented sculptors. With the theme of “World & Heaven”, the exhibition is curated by experienced Hong Kong curator and scholar Eric Leung Shiu Kee and well-known sculptor and Senior Lecturer, Hong Kong Art School, Jaffa Lam Laam.


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  • 02.10.2016 - 06.10.2016
    Messe »
    Art & Antique International Fair »

    Dates and Times:

    Saturday, 1 Oct 2016 12 pm – 7 pm VIP Preview (By Invitation Only)
      4 pm – 7 pm Vernissage (By Invitation Only)
    Sunday to Tuesday, 2 to 4 Oct 2016

    11 am – 7 pm Open to public
    Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016

    11 am – 6 pm Open to public

    Admission Fee (2 – 5 October)
    Adults : HK$200 (Admits two)
    Full time students and senior citizens (over 60) : HK$50
    Free admission for children under 12 accompanied by an adult

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  • Fine art asia 2016
    Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair
  • Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair
  • Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair
  • Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair
  • Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair
  • Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair
  • Fine art asia 2016
    Art & Antique International Fair