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SEPTEMBER 2018, London, UK: 100% Design reveals for the first time a list of 22 breakthrough designers who are taking part in Design Fresh, a new feature for the 2018 show. Design Fresh is a celebration of emerging talent selected by 100% Design at New Designers, with a further selection by Barbara Chandler, design editor of Homes & Property at the London Evening Standard.

Each designer has been chosen for their explorative ideas and original products ranging from plush interior accessories to intricate ceramics, contemporary furniture and everything in between. The showcase will demonstrate a breadth of rising designers and exciting new perspectives. However the younger new graduates are not the only story. Some designers come into business later in life, going back to train, or developing skills outside of a college framework. An array of perspectives will be on display at Design Fresh.

Combined with 100% Forward, the entrance feature of the show, Design Fresh enables 100% Design to display one of the most significant concentrations of new creative talent during London Design Festival 2018.

The Design Fresh candidates will be given a number of opportunities to network with the design industry at the show. The first will take place at The Forum space at 4pm on Thursday 20th September, when the designers will be given the opportunity to present their work to an audience. The inaugural Design Fresh Awards will take place on the Auditorium at 5pm on the same day. Categories include: Product of the Year, Innovation, Business Prospect Award, & One to Watch.

Abigail Chadwick is a designer who takes inspiration from nature and the outside world, incorporating natural patterns and organic shapes and curves into her work. She will show Bubl, 3-piece occasional table set, which references tessellation and naturally forming shapes and provides a modern take on the more traditional nest tables.

Emma Chesterman is a designer-maker who seeks to create furniture for life, taking the traditional as a starting point to create something new and innovative. Her wooden Chair/Bench is angled so the person sitting on it is turned slightly to towards their companion, creating a moment of relaxed intimacy.

Gaël Pellerin was raised in France before settling in London in 2015. He trained as a furniture maker in 2016, honing his woodworking skills and designing his first pieces of furniture. Nancy – Pellerin’s first chair - has angled legs and a curved back, which together compose a dramatic outline. The triangle shaped legs are inspired by Jean Prouvé’s work, demonstrating a modern and sharp look.

Joe Wonham’s work explores the relationship between digital design and material exploration. He enjoys the process of designing using custom algorithms and scripts while maintaining an understanding of the materials and manufacturing processes involved. By allowing a material to behave naturally, and to partially dictate the form of an object, he can create beautiful and original effects. This combined with a logical design approach allows for a fresh aesthetic in his work.

James Lewis is a recent graduate in product design. The Libra stool represents his pursuit to evoke curiosity with furniture. The intention of interaction and play as well as research on nomadic furniture, helped to encourage the final design. An element of self-preservation when using the furniture due to its narrow base ensures good posture and core exercise when in use.

Reece Bilton is a three-dimensional product design graduate with a special interest in lighting. His Manhattan floor lamp is formed from extruded aluminium with cast concrete and is designed with a minimal, robust aesthetic. Well-considered diffusion ensures the lamp creates a warm, comfortable glow.

Atticus Durnell will display That’s Caffeine, a project inspired by the convention of sustainability and amount of coffee related waste. That's Caffeine is a floor lamp made with a use of used coffee grounds and biodegradable resin. This concept means to close the production circle and bring new uses to what was considered waste.

Sam Lander, a graduate in 3D Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, wanted to create a solution to the takeaway polystyrene boxes littering the streets of his city every weekend. For his ‘Poly’ series, he has developed a new material out of melted down compressed polystyrene. He has also invented a new tool– a machine to spin rounded shapes, using the old drum of a washing machine, and centrifugal force to spin the material to the outside of the mould. The resulting coffee table and lampshades are formed of material and manufacturing process that’s completely fresh and original.

Gavin Keightley, Founder of Gasket Design, celebrates the story behind artefacts to develop an understanding for the importance of hand-made design. He explores sustainable and natural solutions and investigates undervalued production methods to reveal new and innovative results. His chosen project was formulated to explore how natural erosion can be used to create a series of objects; focusing on aeolian processes, commonly known as wind erosion.

Poppy Pippin has developed Moss Tiles - wall tiles that encourage moss growth to improve air quality in the urban environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. Growing up within a polluted part of London has inspired Poppy to seek out design solutions that improve cities and create a healthier environment to live in. She is a winner of the Creative Conscience Awards in 2018.

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  • 19.09.2018 - 22.09.2018
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    100% Design
    Wednesday 19th – Saturday 22nd September 2018

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