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Art Verona 2012


Consistent in our belief that ours is the most representative fair for high-quality Italian art galleries, ArtVerona 11 is both a continuation and development.

A strongly positive idea lies behind this new edition of ArtVerona which, being the first of the most important fairs to take place, in fact it kicks off the whole season of the modern and contemporary art market season.

Considered one of the main art market events in Italy, ArtVerona confirms at the same time its status as both an exhibition and a cultural event.

It is presenting once again the Aletti prize and the Icona competition; the PhotoArtVerona and VideoArtVerona sections; and d'Est, a close investigation of the art of nearby East Europe. Following up their previous successes, we are again proposing such initiatives as I Numeri primi, which is part of the long-running On Stage format, and Independents2; the first aims at promoting research into contemporary art systems, and the second was conceived as a way for hosting, in the unusual context of a fair, associations, foundations, cooperatives, and non-profit spaces. The fair is also proposing new events linked to the theatre and to contemporary music and, with three fascinating installations in the 045 Open Space section, it aims at stimulating a dialogue between contemporary art and ancient sites in the city.

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