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Koch Cellar Totals Record $21.9 million


Wines from the Cellar of William I. Koch Totals $21.9 million Sets Record For A Wine Collection Sold At Auction 2,729 Lots 100% Sold, A ‘White Glove’ Sale Sale Lasts 27 Hours Over Three Days Buyers From 23 Countries Over 20,000 Bids From 740 Participants

William I. Koch commented: “Collecting and enjoying wine has been one of the great joys and loves of my life. It is very gratifying to see so many people from around the world that share my passion. I chose Sotheby's because they understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of wine and the respect of the love of its makers. The wonderful results of this auction are a testament to three important things: high standards of a true collector, Sotheby's outstanding reputation, and of course the love that the vintners put into making these wines.”

Jamie Ritchie, CEO and President, Sotheby’s Wine, Asia and Americas added: “The record-setting $21.9 million sale of wines from the Cellar of William I. Koch has redefined the wine auction landscape. The exceptional provenance and condition of the wines matched the scale and ambition of his collection, which perfectly reflects the character of the man that put it together, without doubt one of the world’s greatest collectors. Buyers from all corners of the globe, used every available bidding method to buy every single one of 20,000 bottles offered in a three day sale that lasted 27 hours. This sale sets a new benchmark for the industry.”

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  • 23.05.2016
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    One Of The Largest Private Wine Collections In The United States Estimate: $10.5/15 million Approximately 2,700 lots (20,000 bottles) Offered Over Three Days: 19 – 21 May 2016

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  • Koch Cellar Totals Record $21.9 million
    Koch Cellar Totals Record $21.9 million
    Sotheby’s Auktionshaus
  • Wines from the Cellar of William I. Koch Sale Total: $21,859,626 2,729 lots offered, 100% sold Estimate: $10,628,650 / 15,128,650
    Wines from the Cellar of William I. Koch Sale Total: $21,859,626 2,729 lots offered, 100% sold Estimate: $10,628,650 / 15,128,650
    Sotheby’s Auktionshaus
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