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Patricia Anastassiadis: Artefacto - New Collection for Artefacto

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    Patricia Anastassiadis: Artefacto - New Collection for Artefacto

21 March 2019 – Brazilian Architect Patricia Anastassiadis, Founder of Anastassiadis Arquitetos and Art Director of Artefacto, has designed a new collection of furniture for the brand which debuts this week in São Paulo. Anastassiadis is also responsible for decorating the Artefacto Haddock Lobo showroom to welcome the launch of the collection.

Known for her distinctive ability to bring understated luxury to interior spaces and to create the perfect interior experience, Anastassiadis’s constant research to design furniture, accessories and spaces which stimulate one’s memory and impressions is reflected into this new collection for Artefacto which encapsulate key elements of her style.

Inspired by her memories of significant places but also by the affection of the people around her and the diverse heritage of the cultures she has been in contact throughout her life, the collection celebrates Anastassiadis’s own passion for shapes and materials encountered in her international travels and native Brazil.

The 2019 collection is a continuation of the previous one launched in Spring 2018 deepening and improving the research of the designer to create quality and durable furniture.

This year’s collection features three main designs: Terracotta, Cut Piece and Soft Fiction. These are called after the range of materials and colors but also after the manufacture that characterizes each collection.

"Our aim with the 2019 edition is to create furniture that are timeless and dialogue with our previous collections. We want to propose a more holistic aesthetic linked to values that, despite the strong visual appeal, are not the synthesis of a trend” says Patricia Anastassiadis.

Earthy-toned colors drive the visual impact of these pieces that reminiscent of ancient places. Taking inspiration from ceramics and its many variations, natural colors such as orange, pink and yellow wraps around beautifully designed furniture creating a soft and welcoming nest.

The notion of form and space play an integral part in this collection which includes sofas, tables and chairs. Sharp cuts, pointy edges and curved backrests have been achieved after months of experimentations and studies. Familiar home pieces with a modern twist intensify the relationship between the individual and the surrounding space.

Resilient and malleable, glass is the protagonist of this range. For this, Anastassiadis has developed the blown glass response to Brazilian’s traditional ‘terrazzo’ tiles, usually made out of stone. The newly-created ‘terrazzos’ for Artefacto are used as innovative and unique table surfaces, impeccably crafted so that it is impossible to replicate them with precision.

  • 21.03.2019
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