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Sven Bergholz

Sven Bergholz
10439 Berlin
Tel.: +49 176 100 74 848
3D-Technik, Malerei

Sven was born and raised in Prenzlauer Berg and Lichtenberg, East Berlin, and started out with pencil and pastel drawing as well as digital painting. Over the past few years, Sven has become a passionate 3D modeler and sculptor. His work is acclaimed for its detailed and ornamental nature and his passion for stretching the bounds of imagination is omnipresent. Sven loves discovering new shapes and forms and translates traditional motives into modern through his current interest in Japanese art history. His work on the Geisha demonstrates this perhaps most dramatically, which is the first of three complementary figures. Sven’s work is intended to be open in its interpretations and universal in its balance.

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