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37, rue des Mathurins
75008 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 53 30 30 30

Each year, TAJAN organizes over sixty live auctions in many specialties as well as our prestigious yearly sales in Monte-Carlo, offering unique opportunities to art lovers. The exceptional quality of artworks shown, the record prices, the number of valuations conducted in France and abroad, and our ever-expanding international clientele place Tajan in a leading position within the auction market. Notwithstanding our increasingly international outlook and standards with respect to operations and clientele, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing a highly personalized service, giving great attention to detail and remaining faithful to our tradition as a French auction house. We are also proud to defend and strengthen the Paris art market through high level cultural and thematic events connecting the major representatives of the global market: artists, collectors, art dealers, journalists and museum curators. Some of the cultural events we have organized:

- “The Artist and his supporters” and “Art & Design without boundaries” promoted the young international creation.
- “Origins of Modernism” mingled together representative pieces of furniture, paintings and sculptures, particularly highlighting the Secession and the Arts & Crafts movements.
- “Romanian Art Today” offered an overview of the emerging contemporary Romanian creation.
- In 2007, and again in 2009,“Work in progress” featured exceptional works never publicly exhibited before by leading French artist François Rouan.