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Galerie Sikabonyi

Galerie Sikabonyi
Kohlmarkt 7
1010 Wien

My wife and I have collected glass for many years. The thrill of seeing the next creation of artist became so addictive  that we started to support the artist, just to be able to see the next ideas come to life. To be the first. To recognise that one piece which excelsand which is superior to the rest. The need to see and feel the speciality in each artist in his/her way. Once you got the taste of it there was no way back. We  presented our passion . The resonance was overwhelming. As there is no proper platform for glass art in central Europe, we pursued all avenues and are now presenting glass art in Viennas biannual art show and in diverse other events through out the country. (see events) Enjoy our overview and contact us if you want detailed information on any artist.  
Mag. Astrid Sikabonyi               
                                                Mag. Andre Sikabonyi