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Academy of Fine Arts Museum

Academy of Fine Arts Museum
17 University Embankment
199034 St.-Petersburg
Tel.: 007(812)3233578
Fax.: 007(812)3236169

Many prominent Russian artists graduated from the Russian Academy of Fine Arts and the Repin Institute. The museum's exhibitions, displayed in the former building of the Academy, feature graduation and study projects completed by students of the Academy, a number of works by the Academy's teaching staff and various paintings related to the history of the Academy. Although this is hardly the most impressive art collection in town, you will still find some excellent pieces and gain an interesting insight into St. Petersburg's artistic education of the past. The museum also features temporary exhibitions of works by prominent local artists in the Titian Hall and the annual art exhibition of the Academy, which is now based in Moscow.

After entering the building through the main entrance, go upstairs and buy your entrance ticket from the small booth.