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Patek Philippe Museum

Patek Philippe Museum
Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7
1205 Geneva

Less than a century and a half ago, in this neighbourhood which is today both bright and animated, the streets perpendicular to the Avenue du Mail were but local paths. Following the Exposition Nationale of 1896, numerous buildings were erected, entirely modifying the area within just 20 years.

The building which today houses the Patek Philippe Museum has a long and interesting history dedicated to watchmaking and its related crafts. Most probably designed by the talented architect Mr William Henssler in 1919, it has witnessed gem-cutting under the name Heller & Son, the production of jewellery by the firms Ponti Gennari and Piaget, and the manufacture of watch-cases and bracelets since 1975 by Les Ateliers Reunis for Patek Philippe.

Finally, this landmark of craftsmanship underwent an entire remodelling and extension in 1999 to enable it to receive an outstanding collection of the finest examples of timepieces known today. The Patek Philippe Museum is certainly the most logical and faithful conclusion to a true legacy of genius.