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On View in NYC: Glazed - The Legacy of the Della Robbia

Sotheby's New York

YORK, 11 November 2016 – Glazed: The Legacy of The Della Robbia, a selling exhibition in collaboration with art dealer and collector, Fabrizio Moretti, is currently on exhibition in our New York headquarters until 18 November 2016. The exhibition showcases 19 instantly-recognizable sculptures by the Della Robbia family highlighting how 500-year old works of are can resonate with our contemporary taste for color and bold design that appeals to today’s artists and collectors alike.

We invite you to come visit this extraordinary exhibition alongside our Impressionist & Modern and Contemporary Art offering currently on view at our New York Headquarters. We are happy to arrange interviews and walkthroughs with a specialist at any time

  • 17.11.2016 - 18.11.2016
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    21 OCTOBER 2016 - 18 NOVEMBER 2016 | NEW YORK

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  • The Legacy of the Della Robbia
    The Legacy of the Della Robbia
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