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"Vanishing Points": Galería Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo

The Victor Lope Contemporary Art Gallery presents ‘Vanishing Points’, an exhibition in which Francisco Suárez, Patrik Grijalvo and Dirk Salz participate. In the exhibition you can see his most recent works, which talk about light and its relationship with space, line and geometry.

The title of the exhibition ‘Vanishing Points’ - or Vanishing Points in Spanish - reveals the intent of the project and refers us to the link between the artists' works. Vanishing Points talk about the complexity of the perspective and the depth in the geometric abstraction, which, paradoxically, is a challenge due to not having a logical linear perspective as generally marks the vanishing point of any non-abstract composition. Light plays a fundamental role in the compositions, and each artist works through technique and creativity, but in very different ways; While Dirk Salz's works seem to absorb light through the superimposed layers of resin, Francisco Suarez's pieces radiate light and create a vibrant atmosphere. Patrik's works, on the other hand, use light to organize the perspective by deconstructing and superimposing interiors of iconic buildings of current architecture ....

  • 10.10.2019 - 14.12.2019
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    Francisco Suárez
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