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Ross Bleckner in Nuremberg

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    Ross Bleckner in Nuremberg
    22.11.2019 - 02.03.2020

Concurrently with the exhibition at the Neues Museum Nuernberg, GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL is showing new editions by the American painter Ross Bleckner (born 1949).He will be shown in the Neues Museum Nürnberg from the end of November in all façade rooms. Bleckner's paintings repeatedly search for the fragility of existence and human existence.Transience is omnipresent in his works and combines in his painting with beauty in a similar way to Robert Longo. Images of human cells or flowers, which the artist transforms into luminous lanterns, combine biology, psychology and the question of identity.He himself explains "I paint how to build a building".Bleckner's studio is therefore described as a "laboratory" and his tireless work process of creating, adding and eliminating could almost be called alchemical. 


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