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    16.06.2022 - 31.12.2022
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Garde Hvalsøe, the Danish design brand known for its sublime craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, has unveiled a new series of products. Comprised of a modular furniture system, a wardrobe, a bed and a table, the new range complements Garde Havlsøe’s traditional kitchen system offering and brings the brand’s impeccable craftmanship to the rest of the home.

Pilaster, a new modular furniture system with finger-jointed drawers and vertical columns, has a light, transparent expression that can be adapted to specific project conditions. The inspiration and name for the new system come from historical architecture and design, where low-relief columns were used as a decorative feature on facades and furniture.

Pilaster in Maple Wood
The design has a high aesthetic quality that will provide a beautiful touch throughout the home, from the bathroom to the living room and kitchen. Elegant solid wood tenons keep the cabinet in place in between the pilasters and highlight the floating expression.

Pilaster is available as either free-standing or wall-mounted units and can be combined with many of Garde Hvalsøe’s designs.

About the design, Christian Anthony and Martin Hoelgaard from Garde Hvalsøe, designers of Pilaster, say: ‘We wanted to create a furniture system that builds on our timeless line of products, and which can be easily combined with a Garde Hvalsøe kitchen made 20 years ago. Thus, Pilaster can be beautifully combined with all Garde Hvalsøe’s designs.’

GH Glass
With GH Glass, Garde Hvalsøe wanted to create a wardrobe design that celebrates the art of balancing contrasts, offering a new, more distinctive design expression that still carries the brand’s signature. GH Glass is a playful composition of glass and wood, where classic wooden cabinets float between vertical end-walls in glass.

The cabinet is held in place by visible glass bolts, and the encounter of transparent glass and solid wood beautifully highlights the hand-crafted details. The result is a unique design where every single feature is lovingly perfected.

GH Glass is available as an open or closed cabinet and will add elegance and character to any walk-in closet. The design can be combined with several of Garde Hvalsøe’s other wardrobe solutions.

‘I am fascinated with glass as a material, its strength, fragility, and lightness. The combination with wood produces a light expression as well as an interesting clash between two natural materials that both contrast and complement each other,’ says Christian Anthony from Garde Hvalsøe, who created the new design.

Merge table
The Merge table is Bunn Studio’s first design for Garde Hvalsøe. With this design, Bunn Studio wanted to create a different and scalable addition to Garde Hvalsøe’s signature design that embraces classic virtues while adding a beautiful and harmonious contrast.

Merge celebrates organic shapes and offers a cosy space for a meal or a break in extension of a kitchen unit. The table is based on an ellipse shape that extends invitingly over the worktop in an exquisite fusion of function and materials.

Merge is the perfect table for an informal meal or a quick coffee break. The leg frame is designed with an offset centre that makes it possible to place the table against the kitchen cabinet that supports Merge. Merge is also available with a hole in the tabletop for adding a lamp, a power outlet, or other practical functions.

Marcus Hannibal of Bunn Studio comments, ‘Our goal was to create a contrast to the classic, minimalist Garde Hvalsøe expression but also a furniture element that complements everything the brand is known for. That gave us the idea for Merge. This simplified table is an add-on that lets you add seating to a kitchen island in an organic design with a cosy, informal expression.’

Flag halyard bed
Based on a love of wood and natural materials, Bunn Studio created an elegant bed frame, where hand-crafted details are naturally highlighted in an honest, simple expression.

The bed is in line with the Danish furniture tradition with an airy, transparent design that features visible flag halyard elements in both the headboard and the front. The turned legs and protruding edges, which have references to a classic dining chair design, are combined with soft curves that give the impression of a warm embrace.

Rather than being hidden away, the mattress is incorporated into the bed design. The upholstery of the exclusive, custom-made mattress from DUX is carefully selected to match the flag halyard features, complemented with unique leather details.

Most importantly, with more than 90 years’ experience, the Swedish family-owned mattress label promises a good night’s sleep with the comfort you need to regenerate both body and mind while you sleep.

The bed is available in a range of wood species and comes in widths of 160cm and 180cm as well as queen size and king size.

‘The bed is an increasingly significant piece of furniture in our homes, just as we like to display our choice of mattress and bed linen. To accommodate this trend, we have created an honest, simple design that complements Garde Hvalsøe’s stringent expression, with exquisite craftsmanship in every detail,’ says Louise Sigvardt of Bunn Studio.

  • 16.06.2022 - 31.12.2022
    Ausstellung »
    Garde Hvalsøe »

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  • Left: Flag halyard bed; Right: Pilaster in Smoked Oak and GH Glasshristo,Wrapped Motorcycle/Side Car;Wrapped Motorcycle/Side Car; Project for Harley Davidson,Auflage 130 Ex.+70 A.P. 55,5&47,4 cm. 15.000 € in Plexiglashaube.
    Left: Flag halyard bed; Right: Pilaster in Smoked Oak and GH Glasshristo,Wrapped Motorcycle/Side Car;Wrapped Motorcycle/Side Car; Project for Harley Davidson,Auflage 130 Ex.+70 A.P. 55,5&47,4 cm. 15.000 € in Plexiglashaube.
    Garde Hvalsøe