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Frieze Invitation: No.9 Cork Street Private View

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Vadehra Art Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of post-modernist painter and sculptor Rameshwar Broota in London. Broota explored an inner journey of the human condition motivated by deep self-awareness through the laborious means of layering paint and scraping the surface with a blade to create unique variations in his paintings. His quintessentially laborious means of layering paint and scraping the surface with a blade to create unique variations in tone often leads to patterns and images emerging serendipitously in his compositions, which sometimes appear as a chaotic conclusion or genesis of time, technology, nature and mankind itself. Alongside Broota’s recent paintings, the exhibition also features a suite of multi-dimensional resin sculptures, bearing calligraphic texts, found objects and varying materials.

John Swarbrooke Fine Art presents an exhibition inspired by Sussex artist Edward Burra’s lifetime fascination with the macabre. The otherworldliness of Burra’s pictures provides the starting point for this exhibition, which features a century of artworks exploring the theme of the macabre. The exhibition includes paintings, works on paper and sculpture by Edward Burra, John Minton, Graham Sutherland, Elizabeth Frink, Michael Ayrton, Grayson Perry and Damien Hirst amongst others.

The Sunderland Collection, will inaugurate its Art Programme with an exhibition by Fathi Hassan, a Cairo-born, Edinburgh-based artist. Created in response to items from The Sunderland Collection, a private trove of rare antique world and celestial maps, the exhibition will engage with the experience of migration, dislocation, diasporic identity and shifting notions of heritage. Hassan incorporates motifs and images that have recurred throughout his practice, drawing in new influences such as thinkers and creatives who have had a global influence on science or culture across borders.

Friday, 31 May
9 Cork Street, London, W1S 3LL

Talks at No.9 Cork Street

Verse will be presenting two talks, Mapping AI Art, and Curating and Collecting AI. These discussions will explore the fascinating journey of AI in art, traversing its historical roots, current advancements, and future prospects. The talks coincide with an exhibition of recent work by Botto, a non-human, autonomous artist entity.

Mapping AI Art: Past, Present, and Future
6:30 - 7:30pm
⬗ Luba Elliott (Curator & researcher specialising in AI)
⬗ Simon Hudson (BottoDAO)
⬗ Arthur Miller (Professor, UCL)
⬗ Melanie Gerlis (FT)
⬗ Katherine Mitchell (Doctoral Researcher, V&A)

Curating and Collecting AI 7:30 - 8:30pm ⬗ Kay Watson (Head of Arts Technologies, Serpentine) ⬗ Sam Mercer (Producer, The Photographers' Gallery) ⬗ Stephanie de Regel (Head of Development, TAEX) ⬗ Louis Jebb (Managing Editor, The Art Newpaper) Thursday, 23 May 9 Cork Street, London, W1S 3LL

  • Frieze
  • 31.05.2024
    Ausstellung »
    Frieze »

    Wednesday, 21 June, 6-8pm
    9 Cork Street, London, W1S 3LL

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  • Frieze Invitation: No.9 Cork Street Private View
  • Frieze Invitation: No.9 Cork Street Private View