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Etsu Egami 'Lifeline'

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    31.05.2024 - 21.06.2024
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In our third edition of the invited artists series at Opera Gallery Geneva, we are excited to showcase the exceptional talent of Japanese artist Etsu Egami. This initiative empowers artists to curate their own exhibitions, and Egami's exhibition, titled 'Lifeline,' brings together 11 recent works that offer a unique perspective and showcase her distinct artistic style

When we gaze upon Etsu Egami's creations, a curious phenomenon unfolds. We find ourselves grappling with a unique ambiguity, unsure of what exactly meets our eyes. While this might typically pose a challenge when interpreting representational art, in Egami's case, it morphs into a deliberate intrigue — a sort of enigma or intricate puzzle that underlies her expansive, brushstroke-rich canvases. Her art bridges the realms of figurative painting and illusionism, culminating in a fresh and captivating aesthetic encounter.

Life lives, life dies (on the day of our death).

Perhaps the lifeline is a trajectory of life and death as a whole, or a boundary between life and death.

In my work, the line is the most important element.

There is always an awareness of the 'lifeline' at the foundation.

By expressing empathy with the subject through physical movement, and by shifting, shapes emerge.

In the case of portraits, I try to depict the person's life, the pulsation, breathing, and the trajectory of life, and the energy that spins into the future.

In my works, the lifeline both separates and connects.

-Etsu Egami

  • 31.05.2024 - 21.06.2024
    Ausstellung »
    Oopera Gallery »

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  • Exhibition view "Etsu Egami 'Lifeline'
    Exhibition view "Etsu Egami 'Lifeline'
    Oopera Gallery