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Tabanlıoğlu Architects 2015

Tabanlıoğlu Architects has a long family tradition and is the culmination of over 60 years of architectural experience whose work today comprises a wide range of building types from housing, offices, mixed-use, public and cultural buildings to industrial projects and high-rises. Demonstrating a professionalism based on rigor and know-how, the practice currently has offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Dubai, Doha and London.

Tabanlioğlu Architects postulates that one of the big issues inherent in urban development is to create city spaces that are interactive to allow citizens to truly mingle; that in order to make better cities, buildings should be multifunctional and take inspiration from both ceremonial and informal public spaces. The practice strives for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs, incorporating new technologies into their work.

Their most recent awards include: WAF Future Office Project Award and MIPIM 2015 Best Office Award. In 2014 ESAS Aeropark received LEAF Award and International Property Award. This year, the first edition of The Plan Awards selected three Tabanlıoğlu projects as the winners; Dakar Congress Center, Bodrum International Airport and Astana Train Station. RIBA International Awards for Loft Gardens and Bodrum International Airport projects in 2011 and 2013 respectively

Partners include Murat Tabanlıoğlu (RIBA, Chartered Member, Int'l. Assoc. AIA) and Melkan Gursel (Int'l. Assoc. AIA).

About Arik Levy:
Artist, technician, photographer, designer, video artist, Levy’s skills are multi-disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Best known publicly for his sculptures – such as his signature Rock pieces – his installations, limited editions and design, Levy nevertheless feels ‘the world is about people, not objects’.

Hailing originally from Israel and moving to Europe after years of practicing in his studio and his first participation in a group out-doors sculpture exhibition in Tel-Avivi Tel-Aviv in 1986. Following studies at the Art Center Europe in Switzerland he gained a distinction in Industrial Design, and after a stint in Japan, Levy returned to Europe where he contributed his artistry to another field – contemporary dance and opera by way of stage installations set design.

The creation of his new workplace then meant a foray back to his first love, art and industrial design, as well as other branches of his talents; Levy currently works in his studio in Paris. Apart of the Art works, Respected for his furniture and light designs on all continents, Levy also creates hi-tech clothing lines and accessories for firms in the Far East, packaging, corporate identity and product development.

As part of the interior and exterior milieu, Arik Levy’s work includes public sculpture as well as complete environments that can be adapted for multi-use. He says: ‘life is a system of signs and symbols, where nothing is quite as it seems’

  • 19.09.2015 - 27.09.2015
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    Tabanlıoğlu Architects »

    London Design Festival
    19-27 September 2015

    33 John Street
    WC1N 2AT

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  • Transition; Warm/Wet © Arik Levy
    Transition; Warm/Wet © Arik Levy
    Tabanlıoğlu Architects