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Join us on Thursday, September 15 from 6 to 9 pm, at MoMA PS1 for our opening night preview. The evening will feature special live performances in the PS1 courtyard by Liquid Asset and Beat Detectives.

Entry to the Preview costs $10 (Members $5), proceeds going to support NYABF16. The first 2,000 visitors to pre-pay online or to pay at the door (while supplies last) will receive a Ticket Edition by Ken Kagami (pictured left). Pre-purchase a ticket for the opening night preview here!


The Classroom
Now in its eighth year, this curated series of informal conversations, workshops, readings and other artist-led programs is also an informal venue for artists, writers and publishers to feature new releases and present their publications. Participants include: Cory Arcangel, Suellen Rocca, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Jonas Mekas, Karel Martens, David Reinfurt, Sur Rodney (Sur), LJ Roberts, Peter Anderson and many others. The Classroom is organized by David Senior, Museum of Modern Art Library. See the full schedule of Classroom programs and other events here.

Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference (CABC)
The ninth annual Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference presents two full days of lively debate on emerging practices and issues within art-book culture. Session topics include Space, Show & Tell, Performing Writers, Photobooks (Performance & Photography), Criticism, Printed Page in the Digital Age, and a keynote speech by the founding director of Franklin Furnace; Martha Wilson. See the full schedule of Conference sessions here.

XE(ROX) & PAPER + SCISSORS, and The Small Press Dome A lively selection of international artists, zinesters, and small presses will represent independent publishing at its most innovative and affordable in the MoMA PS1 courtyard. Select exhibitors include: Heavytime (Australia), Unity Press (Oakland), STUGAZI (New York), Snöar Press (United Kingdom) and more.

Friendly Fire
This diverse group of politically-minded collectives and presses focused on the intersection of art and activism, includes: Press Press (Baltimore), Guerrilla Girls (New York), Visual AIDS (New York), and others. Curated by Printed Matter’s Max Schumann.

Focus: Photography
A curated cross-section of photo-based artist’s books and magazines, this year’s Focus: Photography includes: Kominek (Germany), Newfave (Japan), ROMAN NVMERALS (New York), Pierre von Kleist Editions (Portugal), L’Artiere (Italy), Kaunas Photography Gallery (Lithuania) and more.

Exhibitor Project Spaces
Andrew Roth will exhibit a large selection of posters, zines and flyers from Toby Mott’s renowned PUNK collection. To accompany the exhibition of over 120 artifacts, they will launch Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-1980 published by Phaidon. This new, fully illustrated 500 page book (which will not be publicly released until later in the fall: ISBN 9780714872759) and the exhibition, focuses on the canonical pieces of graphic printed matter that accompanied the Punk movement and which on their own track the history of the politics that informed the music and the physical art that was left in its wake.

David Zwirner Books presents Oscar Murillo, in collaboration with Mandy El-Sayegh and Yutaka Sone, as they stage Room Service, a live multi-day drawing and printing performance organized specifically for the fair. The primary elements of the Room Service installation will be artist workstations and a large digital printing press, where the three artists will create new collaborative graphic works, while a technician on site oversees the mass production of newspaper-inspired zines. The artists will further manipulate printed sheets to create unique works on paper, which will be hung throughout the entirety of the space. Through the act of organizing Room Service, a fully operational production site, the artists will explore the boundaries of collaborative action, the distinct expressive potential of drawing, and the potency of the printed form.

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present FLASH FLASH FLASH, an exhibition as tattoo parlor. Six artists (including Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Douglas Gordon, Kim Gordon, and Jeff Koons) have created original flash art for the occasion. Professional tattoo artists will be tattooing these specially commissioned designs inside the booth for the duration of the fair. Tattoos will be hand-numbered on the bodies of the purchasers, and once six people have a tattoo, the design will be retired forever. In addition to their permanence on patrons’ bodies, each original flash artwork has been produced as a limited print in an edition of six. Brian Roettinger has designed a special-edition book and relics acknowledging the authenticity of each tattoo for the project. The tattoos, prints, and books will all be available for sale on-site at the fair.

Maia Ruth Lee and Peter Sutherland present The Zine Tornado: A chaotic DIY zine-making experience!

Nicodim Gallery presents a Project Room focused around the artists featured in two new titles, OMUL NEGRU, edited by Aaron Moulton and containing texts by Aaron Moulton, Alissa Bennett, Philip Zimbardo, Jim Jones, Albert Fish, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and more; and AKIRA 3 by Ciprian Muresan.

onestar press and Three Star Books present The Artist is Everything with works by Lisa Anne Auerbach, John Baldessari, Sébastien de Ganay, Karl Holmqvist, Parker Ito, and Mika Tajima.

Werkplaats Typografie is launching a new paper company that produces and distributes a personified and self-described coated(er) paper that reveals different degrees of its previous life.

  • 16.09.2016 - 18.09.2016
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    Hours and Location
    The NY Art Book Fair is free and open to the public:
    Friday, September 16, 1 pm–7 pm
    Saturday, September 17, 11 am–9 pm
    Sunday, September 18, 11 am–7 pm

    Special Events
    The NY Art Book Fair preview and reception:
    Thursday, September 15, 6–9 pm
    MoMA PS1
    Ticketed Entry $10 (Members $5)

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  • Cherry and Martin's exhibition of Hal Fischer's Gay Semiotics at NYABF15. Photo courtesy Desilu Muñoz.
    Cherry and Martin's exhibition of Hal Fischer's Gay Semiotics at NYABF15. Photo courtesy Desilu Muñoz.
    Printed Matter
  • 8 Ball Zines at NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    8 Ball Zines at NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    Printed Matter
  • NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    Printed Matter
  • NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    Printed Matter
  • Wild Life Press' Project Room at NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    Wild Life Press' Project Room at NYABF15. Photo courtesy Sadie Barnette.
    Printed Matter