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Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair

Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair, will take place on February 25–28, 2021 (Opening February 24).

Since the first NY Art Book Fair in 2005, Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs have been among the leading international gatherings for fostering the distribution, understanding, and celebration of artists’ books and art related publishing. In 2021, the NY Art Book Fair and LA Art Book Fair will be produced as a combined online event—Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair—safely bringing the artists’ book community together for a fun and experimental new Fair.

Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs have hosted exhibitors from around the world featuring a wide variety of works—from zines and artists’ books to rare and out of print publications, and contemporary art editions. In this new iteration, the Fair will be more broadly accessible to visitors and exhibitors than ever before, and we are thrilled to serve and support artists’ book publishing without the challenge of international travel. As we embrace the possibilities of this time of social and political transformation, we feel that an online event of this kind can continue to provide an essential space rooted in connection, expression, and criticality. The Fair will feature a full schedule of the live programs that have made the event special in the past— discussions and workshops, interactive book launches, musical performances, and much more.

As with all of Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs, this event will be free and open to the public.

We look forward to creating an exciting online space for everyone!

Info Sessions: In August, we hosted 4 info sessions on Zoom in which applicants could share questions with Fair organizers: Sonel Breslav, Emmy Catedral, Sunny Iyer, and Ritu Ghiya. The info sessions welcomed applicants from within and outside of the United States, including one exclusively for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. A FAQ sheet, which summarizes information from these past sessions, was made available to the public in advance of the deadline.


Inquiries: fairs@printedmatter.org
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