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Fuorisalone 2021

Design is back in town, from 4 to 10 September
September is a comeback month. Immediately after the summer break, design, fashion and art will be at the centre of an important moment for the city of Milan, thanks to a calendar full of appointments, seeing the Design Week from 4 to 10 September, Art Week from 13 to 19 September, and Fashion Week from 21 to 27 September.

After the success of the Digital edition in April 2021, Studiolabo presents the second phase of the project dedicated to the most important appointment for the world of design, which is coming back to animate the Milan streets and districts with exhibitions and cultural events, integrating online and offline moments, in parallel with Supersalone, held in Rho Fiera Milano.

This event will create a link towards the April 2022 edition: a special moment, both for the selected period, but most of all as a sign of trust and hope. A significant appointment to focus on the challenges which the design segment will have to face post-pandemic. Thanks goes to Milan Municipality and YesMilano for their support and contribution through the campaign “Design is Milano is Design”, created to offer to all protagonists of Milano Design Week and Supersalone the possibility to communicate a distinct city positioning.

“The Forms of Living”, this year’s Fuorisalone theme
Fuorisalone.it presents the theme The Forms of Living, an opportunity for debate which started with Fuorisalone Digital Edition, between talks, discussion panels and workshops, to assess the transformations taking place within living spaces. But there’s more. It will also offer the opportunity to try and understand the changes affecting urban life, its environment, mobility and relations, transforming them into opportunities.

The pandemic has accelerated processes which were already in place, influencing daily habits and promoting economic opportunities offered by digital transformation. It’s not surprising, considering the lockdown period, to see that In this constantly evolving scenario, Fuorisalone appointments will offer a picture which balances design, art, architecture and anthropology, paying particular attention to the theme of circular design, sustainability and wellbeing.

“Fuorisalone’s September edition represents an even more challenging goal for all involved professionals, companies, Associations and Institutions which, following this long interval caused by the COVID emergency, are together committed to reaffirm Milan’s role as primary international point of reference for design culture”, as stated by Cristina Tajani, Milan Councillor for Job Policies, Productive Activities, Fashion and Design. She adds: “We believe that the commitment shown by companies, participating with great courage in this unusual edition, will be appreciated both by professionals and the general public. With this view, the Council Administration has decided to allow free use of public spaces for events with a cultural value, to encourage as much as possible participation in this edition, which can truly represent the first step to give back to our city its international appeal”.

“Flexibility is the absolute key word for this year, everything changes and evolves so quickly that we are left with no reference points. Companies, as well as designers, must be able to capture this moment, offering solutions which are consistent with the surrounding context and in line with all sustainability principles: environmental, economic, and social”, states Paolo Casati from Studiolabo. “This September edition sees an interest and participation beyond expectations, representing the wish for renewed relationships and sharing between professionals and the general public, a crucial element to renovate direct experience, in support of the digital aspect”.

“This September event is important from many points of view, it will be a moment in which the design system regains space and time, but it will also allow a reflection on what has been and what will be”, as stated by Cristian Confalonieri from Studiolabo. “There is still no deep understanding of the impact of the latest months, and going back to “doing” is the only way to understand and move on. We are delighted to see the very high number of involved companies and confirmed events”.

Fuorisalone Design Guide: monitoring the design world all year round The Forms of Living is the core theme, leading the path for Fuorisalone along the whole year, in which we will see projects with different partners in the event of the two editions, but also a dedicated editorial plan, which can be applied to the different tools offered by the platform.

The new Fuorisalone Design Guide project changes approach and modifies the core of its communication. Now the events’ guide is integrated into a more articulated system which lasts all year round, thanks to an editorial plan spread over different channels: website, magazine, TV and Meets. The offer includes not only contents expressing the world of Fuorisalone, between design and architecture, but also relating to art, lifestyle, technology, food and much more. All of this will allow international brands and professionals to keep a high level of interest and relations with the general public, spreading promotion opportunities and stakeholder interaction over time.

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