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Artexpo New York 2023

Artexpo New York is a modern and contemporary art fair with an Exhibitor Committee consisting of four individuals with outstanding reputations in publishing and artist development. Strict hanging guidelines, aesthetics, and attention to detail will be enforced, providing a streamlined, crisp, and clean venue for gallery owners, designers, architects, and collectors to enjoy. If you feel your work would be a good fit for Artexpo New York or [SOLO], we invite you to explore our booth packages below.

  • Gezeigt werden in wechselnden Ausstellungen namhafte Künstler der Moderne, deren Arbeiten...
  • 30.03.2023 - 02.04.2023
    Messe »


    Pier 36
    299 South Street New York, NY 10002

    One Day General Admission – $25 in advance / $35 when fair begins
    Total Ticket Multi-day Pass (Thursday, April 7 to Sunday, April 10) – $40 in advance / $50 when fair begins

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  • Screenshot 2022 Artexpo New York New York's Largest Fine Art Trade Fair
    Screenshot 2022 Artexpo New York New York's Largest Fine Art Trade Fair
    Redwood Media Group, artexponewyork