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Korean Pavilion

ArtPalmBeach 2014

Korean Pavilion

The exhibition represents work by 6 artists including Choongsup Lim, Jung Hyang Kim, Sookjin Jo, and Lee Lee Nam whose work is featured below. Each artist exhibits a range of different mediums, from video installations to rice paper, oil on canvas to acrylic on wood; with such a variety in the way the artists are telling their stories. All of the artwork illustrates the search for identity and artistic truth among Korean artists in the global community. The Korean art world has developed significantly and the art market has reached auctions, museums, galleries, art fairs and even international exhibitions. "Searching for a Cow in the Forest" is searching to raise the question, " What is the distinguished and strengthened quality of Korean art in the global expansion?" In a related article featured in Barron's Magazine, "Christie's Latest Find" Crystal Kim explains about the rapid growth of Korean contemporary artists. "Korea has a very rich contemporary art scene with diverse artists whose strong artistic productions can engage with any of the top artists from outside of Korea." Ingrid Dudek, Christie's senior specialist of Asian 20th century and contemporary art stated in the article, " What's interesting about Korean art in general is that there is a rootedness in the love of technique, a meticulousness and a passion to see how far one can push a concept." In "Searching for a Cow in the Forest " Hyun questions, " How Korean artists compete and express themselves in the melting pot of international culture?" With each artist's piece featured in Hyun's show we will be able to see how the fusion of boundary breaking ideas and traditional symbolism; of these up-and-coming Korean contemporary artists represents just that.

About the Curator:
Soo Jung Hyun, is currently the Guest Curator and a member of the Adversary Board of the Sylvia Wald & Po Kim gallery in New York. She is also the Curator and Program Organizer of the DongHwa Cultural Foundation in New Jersey, the World Reporter for Chosun University of Art in Korea. She received her Ph.D. from Chosun University in Korea in Art History and Aesthetics, and completed her thesis on “A Study on the Appropriation of Androgyny and its Characteristic in Marcel Duchamp’s work.” She is a guest lecturer and adjunct professor at numerous universities and foundations and her work can be found in multiple publications. This is Soo Jung Hyun’s first curated show for ArtPalmBeach.

  • 24.01.2014 - 27.01.2014
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    January 23rd
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