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Basel Ancient Art Fair


For its 12th edition, the Brussels Ancient Art Fair/BAAF is continuing to tread the same path, combining rigour with a friendly atmosphere. Its strict selection policy, both for the exhibitors and the exhibited works, pays off, year after year. Dominique Thirion and I extend a warm welcome to the exhibitors who have remained faithful to the BAAF since its creation and who contribute by their presence to the quality of our event, as well as the many scientists of the Vetting Committee who travel, sometimes from very far away, to assess the works at our fair.

Geschichte, Kunst, Messe

  • 21.11.2014 - 26.11.2014
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    Wednesday June 4th3 pm – 9 pm
    ExhibitionThursday June 5th11 am – 7 pm
    Friday June 6th11 am – 8 pm
    Saturday June 7th11 am – 7 pm
    Sunday June 8th11 am – 5 pm

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