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De Bijenkorf starts 'Artist in Residence' project Room On The Roof


On 27 January 2015, de Bijenkorf will be launching the Artist in Residence project, entitled ‘Room On The Roof’. The department store has invited artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers to take part in the programme. Maarten Baas is the first artist who will be using the studio. During the launching, the programme for 2015 will be presented and the premiere of the introduction film made by Christian Borstlap screened.

Room On The Roof in the tower of de Bijenkorf Amsterdam Room On The Roof is located in the tower of the historic building on Dam square, a unique spot in the historic heart of the city that has been converted into a cultural breeding ground. Together with the Rijksmuseum, de Bijenkorf has invited national and international artists to work on their projects in the studio, ranging from performances, poetry and light projects to dance, music, film and photography.

Room On The Roof is fully equipped for the artists, with a telescope for enjoying panoramic views of the city, a bed for dreaming, a special menu for meals, and the location on Dam square as a source of inspiration.

The works resulting from the time spent in Room On The Roof will be shared with the public in keeping with their nature, whether this is an exhibition in the shop windows, an online live performance or an installation in or around de Bijenkorf. The programme will also be tailored to major events taking place in the city of Amsterdam and involve collaborations with cultural institutions in the Netherlands.

For the first two years of the project, the Rijksmuseum will be the cultural partner of Room On The Roof. According to Business Director Erik van Ginkel, “Both the Rijksmuseum and de Bijenkorf have a rich history when it comes to being a source of inspiration and creativity. That’s why we support Room On The Roof where artists, designers and writers are given the opportunity to fully focus on their art.” In addition to Van Ginkel, de Bijenkorf has also brought in Julius Vermeulen, Art & Design Consultant at TNT, and Jane Withers, Design Consultant and Curator, as external consultants.

De Bijenkorf and Arts & Culture Since its founding in 1870, de Bijenkorf has had a clear vision of retail and a strong affiliation with art. In the course of the 20th century, a special bond was forged with architects, writers, designers and artists. This creative point of departure where art and business overlap is now an essential component of the de Bijenkorf strategy. Caroline Krouwels, Head of Creative at de Bijenkorf explains, “De Bijenkorf integrates retail, art, culture and design in order to surprise and inspire customers. The tower is a prominent architectural component of the building on Dam square and, with The Room On The Roof, it will also come to symbolise the creative innovation of de Bijenkorf.”

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  • Maarten Baas - Room On The Roof
    Maarten Baas - Room On The Roof
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