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ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the WINNERS of the ARTIST OF THE MONTH – NOVEMBER 2020, a competition open to anyone and established to increase and develop the art market and the dialogue between collectors, art critics, journalists and art lovers. Making contemporary art accessible to all.

Artworks have been judged based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability. Winners have been chosen based on the quality of single entry as well as quality of overall work.

Winners November 2020
Maria Nenadi . Greece
Lulu Alghofaili . Saudi Arabia


Maria Nenadi . Greece
Maria Nenadi is a civil engineer who made a big turn in her life by dedicating herself to Art. Walking on the path of self-knowledge, she discovers how painting can pass to the viewer visual messages that will raise vibration and awaken his soul. Based in Thessaloniki, she aims to influence the lives of people around the world. She loves modern painting and especially abstract Art. Maria feels that in an abstract artwork the viewer will distinguish what he really needs to receive at every moment, and that is what fascinates her. In an abstract artwork, everyone will create their own story, discovering the message that passed through the channel to reach them. Her purpose of life is to deliver this message.

Lulu Alghofaili . Saudi Arabia
Lulu Alghofaili is a Saudi artist, designer, and storyteller. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, where she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Graphic design with a double minor in Book Arts and Sustainability at Otis college of art and design. Lulu specializes in print and screen-based formats and works in digital and analog processes. Her practice is inspired by nature and focused on integrating Sustainability after it significantly influenced her life. She uses recycled materials and eco-friendly mediums throughout her process and practice. Lulu’s creative thinking is based on research for problem-solving, where she finds new solutions to educate, inspire, and protect.

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  • Image courtesy of Maria Nenadi
    Image courtesy of Maria Nenadi
  • Image courtesy of Lulu Alghofaili
    Image courtesy of Lulu Alghofaili