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Lammhults to launch three new collections and 'Space Matters'

Lammhults to launch three new collections as part of Space Matters – an installation focusing on the new direction for the brand in their newly revamped Stockholm Flagship during SDW 2021

February 2021 - For Stockholm Design Week 2021, contemporary Swedish furniture brand, Lammhults will launch three new seating collections – Sunny by Note Design Studio in collaboration with iconic Swedish designer Gunilla Allard, Corso, an easy chair by Peter Andersson and Trioo a series by Danish design duo, Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen.

The new launches will be unveiled as part of the installation, Space Matters by Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau displayed in their newly redesigned flagship Stockholm showroom across 9th – 14th February 2021. All of the new launches by this renowned Swedish furniture company will be certified by the Möbelfakta label. A Swedish certificate focusing on quality, sustainability and social responsibility. All of Lammhults new products are designed so that components can be easily replaced, prolonging the products lifetime and in the long-term, allowing to facilitate material recycling. These aspects of circularity are an essential part of Lammhults design philosophy.

The new installation and product launches presented in their fully renovated flagship reflects the bold new creative direction for the company. Space Matters – which is also Lammhults’ new tagline – emphasizes the importance of the spaces we inhabit and the influence they have on our daily lives. Lammhults believe design has an increasingly important role to play in our highly evolving times. With Space Matters the company seeks to evoke hope and to introduce new, sustainable and inspiring ways of understanding and using space.

Sunny Easy Chair & Modular Seating by Note Design Studio + Gunilla Allard
The Sunny easy chair and modular seating solution is an exciting new collaboration between multidisciplinary design studio, Note and iconic Swedish designer (and longstanding Lammhults designer), Gunilla Allard. Created out of bent steel tubes and supporting fabric, the easy chair has a light airy construction, alongside generously padded cushions that give an inviting, plush appearance and relaxing comfort – a modular comfortable seating solution that is full of personality.

Gunilla Allard and Note Design Studio first collaborated on a competition project for new furniture designs for Skogskyrkogården – The Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, and also a Unesco World Heritage site. After Allard previously only worked as a distinct solo designer, the designers enjoyed the creative energy from their collaboration. The Sunny collection for Lammhults is the second project created together.

The designers comment: “The task was to make soft, lounge seating - a little lower, a little softer, a little more relaxed, a little cooler, a little dreamier and a cross-border between public and private.”

When designing Sunny, Allard and Note Design Studio took inspiration from the Eames House in California – in particular the scale of the house, the details, the materials used and the form and architecture of this period, which they felt also shared the same design ethos and aesthetics as the Lammhults brand. The fun, eclectic collection of items displayed in the Eames House also contributed to the inspiration – a mix of large and small, light and dense.

Designed for social spaces – hotel lobbies, offices, flagship stores, in relaxed/informal meeting and working places, and of course also for the home – Sunny can be freestanding or linked using a unique U-shaped foot to create straight or curved seating areas. The freestanding model is also available on casters. The linkable U-foot, cast in zinc, is an identity-creating detail with a distinctive shape that meets Lammhults’ quest for innovative design solutions, in a contemporary and exciting aesthetic.

Like many other Lammhults products, Sunny is resource-efficient and uses minimal material. The designers have worked with bent steel tubes and a detailed upholstery, both of which are typical of Lammhults´ identity and craftsmanship. The designers also looked to minimise the use of resources with creating Sunny, without sacrificing comfort – another key component of Lammhults’ ethos - using resource efficient, separate and replaceable parts.

The frame comes in powder coated or chromium plated finish. The cushion can be upholstered in almost any fabric but designed to ideally be in one uniform colour. The back and underside of the seat shell is made of black canvas or natural linen and supports the cushion. The cushion is filled with 50% cut residual polyether pieces and 50% RDS certified down feathers. As with many other Lammhults products the choice of finish on the frame and choice of fabric/leather on Sunny can either result in a monochrome more sophisticated look or in a cheerful, ‘sunny’ and colourful piece of furniture.

Corso Easy Chair by Peter Andersso
The Corso easy chair started as a play with lines in the sketchbook of designer, Peter Andersson: “The two-dimensional lines in the sketchbook, which intuitively just felt so obvious, have been translated into a cohesive loop of steel tubing” Peter Andersson explains. After being approached by Lammhults about producing the design, the result is a piece of furniture with expressive character, but at the same time minimal in its construction and design.

Sketch of Corso
Sketch of Trioo

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  • Lammhults Sunny easychair offwhite
    Lammhults Sunny easychair offwhite
    Lammhults Möbel AB
  • Lammhults SpaceMatters Installation
    Lammhults SpaceMatters Installation
    Lammhults Möbel AB
  • Lammhults Trioo chair oak Funk
    Lammhults Trioo chair oak Funk
    Lammhults Möbel AB
  • Lammhults Corso easy chair natural
    Lammhults Corso easy chair natural
    Lammhults Möbel AB
  • Stockholm-based studio of design founded in 2008
    Stockholm-based studio of design founded in 2008
    Lammhults Möbel AB
  • Gunilla Allard
    Gunilla Allard
    Lammhults Möbel AB
  • Peter Andersson
    Peter Andersson
    Lammhults Möbel AB