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Los Angeles

LA Art Show/LA Fine Print Fair

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Historic & Traditional features galleries that offer significant, quality paintings and sculpture to the discerning collector. From 18th century European to contemporary realism - from California plein air to the Hudson River School, this show presents varied yet complimentary genres and celebrates artists who continue to explore respected regional styles.

“Collectors who are drawn to ‘traditional art’ are not simply interested in works from a particular time period. They often appreciate representational art from many periods. We’ve crafted the Los Angeles Fine Art Show: Historic & Traditional to include galleries and works that these collectors will find appealing. They’ll be able to view an entire art fair focused on the art they are looking for, whether it’s French Academic, Taos School, Urban and Industrial Realism, Barbizon, or Contemporary Realism” states Kim Martindale, show producer.

Under new direction, the Los Angeles Art Show: Historic & Traditional will be produced and operated by the Los Angeles Art Show, an LLC Partnership between Art Miami, LLC and Kim Martindale, General Manager. This powerful alliance represents a focused investment for the Art Miami team, merging the considerable assets of these bi-coastal shows and elevating outreach to new levels.

We will bring all of our specific regional knowledge to our marketing blitz but now we can do so with traditional graphics, focused content and Art Miami, LLC’s extended reach. This new vision will allow us to better serve and expand our exhibiting gallery roster and create the opportunity to inform a larger collector population. The integrity and production quality for which we are known will continue uninterrupted.

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  • LA Art Show/LA Fine Print Fair
    Los Angeles Fine Art Show
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