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India Art Fair

C/o Seventh Plane Networks Pvt. Ltd.
HS 37, 1st Floor, Kailash Colony Marke
110 New Delhi

Founded in 2008 in New Delhi, India Art Fair is a platform to sustain the artistic aspirations of the city with the opportunity it deserves. It is a significant event for the arts in the region, attracting artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors, museum directors, art enthusiasts and extensive media from around the world. Over its five editions, the art fair has shown in excess of 300 galleries and 3000 artists, highlighting its contribution to the promotion of art among diverse stakeholders.

The art fair has an extensive schedule that includes the renowned Speakers’ Forum which is a rich mosaic of diverse thoughts and expressions. Additionally, there are other Collateral Events, Art Projects, Art Book Stores, Curated Walks, Thematic eateries on site and much more.