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Rogelio Olmedo - Conversaciones con Rinocerontes

According to Cambridge, “a phrase or statement that seems to say two opposite things, as in “jumbo shrimp” and “agree to disagree”. Beast with heels, humanized technology, logical laughter, female masculinity, wild cultivation, sophisticated rudeness. New ways of connecting with reality force us to create new stories about what it means to live together, to be an individual, what goals the group pursues or to which group do we belong.

What causes laughter? The primatologist Isabel Behncke talks about primates and states that “they laugh like us when what they fear is not so scary. They laugh like us, as a gentle way of challenge. They laugh when a threat becomes a greeting”. The rhinoceros is living mythology. Armoured, impressive, with an horn on its forehead. Unicorn. Living mythology, oxymoron.

These “conversations with Rhinos” are portraits of humanized rhinos that deal with the passage of time, love, struggle, adaptation.

In this new stage I continue experimenting with water and ink and I have introduced little spots and objects, coloured; cocktail glasses, the needle of Notre Dame and, my favourite fetish, red heels. Polished aluminium casting, “unicorn modelled with breadcrumbs”. And two bronze statues. Oxymoron: “violent rhinoceros’ tenderness”. Rogelio Olmedo

  • 18.10.2020 - 01.01.2021
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    Gerhardt Braun Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening on Friday 18th of October at 20:00 pm at Gerhardt Braun Gallery – Art Lab, Calle Sant Feliu n.17.


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  • Rogelio Olmedo, Conversaciones con Rinocerontes
    Rogelio Olmedo, Conversaciones con Rinocerontes
    Gerhardt Braun Gallery