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Art Rotterdam 2015

Van Nellefabriek

The 16th edition of Art Rotterdam informs you about all the latest developments in visual art. Art Rotterdam becomes more and more an alternative for the large international art fairs with different views on young art in diverse exhibition concepts. Video art can be enjoyed in an open and interactive setting at Projections. The Mondriaan Fund once again shows the youngest talents in the spectacular warehouse of the former distribution centre of the Van Nelle Fabriek, which was appointed the Unesco World Heritage status.

This edition Art Rotterdam starts a new section for non-profit spaces and artists initiatives. In the former workshops of the factory a combination of video, installation and performance art from up-and-coming artists is on show. A very exiting addition to all young art presentations Art Rotterdam offers. At the Van Nelle Fabriek terrain there are more inspiring exhibitions, like for example the nominees for the MK-Award, large sculptures by DordtYart and art for under € 1.500,- at We Like Art.

Art Rotterdam makes the city sparkle with many beautiful museum exhibitions, side fairs, open studios and pop-up shows. Between the Van Nelle Fabriek, the Museum Quarter and the Wilhelminapier free shuttle buses operate so you can experience the best Rotterdam has to offer culturally. On this website and on www.artrotterdamweek.com you can read all about it.

main section
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  • 05.02.2015 - 08.02.2015
    Messe »
    Stichting Art Rotterdam »

    art rotterdam
    Van Nellefabriek
    Van Nelleweg 1
    3044BC Rotterdam

    at the fair € 17,50
    online € 13,50
    Children up to 12 years: free admission

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  • Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Stichting Art Rotterdam
  • Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Stichting Art Rotterdam
  • Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Stichting Art Rotterdam
  • Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Art Rotterdam 2014. (Photos: Ula Mirowska)
    Stichting Art Rotterdam