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ArtPalmBeach Announces new dates, participating galleries and themed curatorial sections for the 2020 edition

The 2020 edition of ArtPalmBeach taking place January 30- February 3, will welcome 70 exhibitors from 11 countries held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Lee Ann Lester and Core Hampson Co-Directors of the fair remarks ”this 23rd edition launches a launches new fair pavilions for curatorial projects and immersive installations which draw on today’s most pressing global issues and establishing a the fair’s commitment to our mission of opening dialogues between today’s creatives and global politics, sustainability, and equality as well as embracing the contributions of local nonprofits to the Palm Beach's rich cultural landscape.” Over 70 seventy international galleries will participate in the four and one-half day show coinciding with South Florida’s SuperBowl celebration.

This edition will see 27 new exhibitors including; Beatrice Gil Galeria ( Caracas), Erdesz Gallery (Hungary), Sasha Diaila Espacio de Arte ( Cordoba, AR), GalleryLabs+
( Buenos Aires), Imaganiario, (Buenos Aires), September Gray Gallery (Atlanta), Sum Gallery ( Buenos Aires), GBB Arts (Caracas), Imaginart Galeria (Barcelona), Ralph Kerle Art, (Sydney AU), MiArt Gallery, (Milan), AC Contemporary (Buenos Aires), Matthew Swift Gallery, (Glouscester MA), Miami Art Society (Miami), Manolis Projects (Miami), Factoria Santa Rosa (Santiago), Foundation Gurvich ( Montevideo), Rubico (Mexico City),Eduardo Lira Gallery (Santiago), Prima Gallery ( Santiago), Fire Art Vermont, Quimera Galeria Contemporaneo ( Buenos Aires), Aluna Art Foundation ( Miami), Art Bond Gallery ( New York), La Pecera Galeria (Punta del Este, UR), Contessa Gallery (Cleveland, Palm Beach), Montry Blackbeard Gallery (Miami). Forty-three 43 returning dealers are from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Spain, United States, Venezuela, and Uruguay.

For the first time in the fair’s history an entire section of the main exhibition hall will be committed to expanding curatorial programming under the direction of the fairs Artistic Art Director, Pietro Daprano encompassing; APB_Installations, APB_FOCUS: APB_Photography, APB_Next Level, APB_Editorial, APB_Flow Video, APB_Art & Fashion, and APB_Community.

Inaugurating this new APB_Installations is the “Museum of the Moon” by Luke Jerram, an 8000 square foot multimedia artwork that has been on a worldwide museum tour stimulating our sense of conservation for our one and only place to live: the earth. Over a year in the creation, Jerram creates a moon landing. Jerram used NASA's high-resolution imagery to make his giant moon. The moon sculpture is exactly half a million times smaller than the real thing, made with data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Researching the actual communications between the astronauts and worldwide tracking stations Jerram created a soundtrack and Luna Moonlighting.

“Throughout history, the moon has inspired artists, poets, scientists, writers, and musicians the world over,” “The ethereal blue light cast by a full moon, the delicate crescent following the setting sun, or the mysterious dark side of the moon has evoked passion and exploration. Different cultures around the world have their own historical, cultural, scientific and religious relationships to the moon.” quotes British artist Luke Jerram.

The arrival of “Museum of the Moon” comes to APB directly from a London museum where the artwork broke attendance records. Jerram’s artwork drew over 2 million in China, 640,000 in Belgium and over 1.4 million attendees in London. A spherical sculpture with internal illumination in the shape of the 23-foot moon designed from high-resolution NASA images. celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Imagine Museum, St. Petersburg, FL.

APB_FOCUS 2020 Thinking global the fair will present a concentrated focus of art from different continents each year. Launching “FOCUS: Latin America” will showcase the most exciting artworks from this region important art capitals presenting museum-quality cutting-edge work from both established and emerging artists. This year FOCUS has invited fourteen galleries from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela. Leading artists to be featured are Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezuela), Dario Escobar (Guatemala), Liliana Porter (Argentina), Gonzalo Cienfuegos (Chile), Javier Bellomo (Argentina), Felipe Lavin (Chile), Stella Bernal de Parra (Cuba), Jose Gurvich (Uruguay), Alexi Torres (Cuba), Alberto Cavalieri (Venezuela).

APB_Photography “Photographers: Next Decade” is the first review in the United States on contemporary photography of photographers to watch in the new decade. Curated by the fair’s Artistic Director over forty works include the extraordinary work photographers from Turkey, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Lebanon, Argentina, China, Brazil, US. “Next Decade” includes works by Peter Zelewski, Guen Fiore,Gemmy Woud-Binnedjk, Rania Matar., Laura Stevens, Ekaterina Solovieva, Heidi Jones, Morganna Magee, Mariana Pacho López., Katie Silvester, Ilya Ilford, Agostina Valle Saggio, Cansu Yildirim, Marie Hald, Liu Bolin.

Also highlighted in this exhibition are important works by many female photographers whose compositions comprise female subjects as the leading role. Since the mid-twentieth century female artists have been underrecognized in both museums, galleries. Only 11 % of the museum’s collections are by women and only 30% of art galleries exhibit female artists. This exhibition claims the leading role of women in society, in art, and photography.

APB_Power Talks a full lecture series, artist booth talks, and guided curatorial tours are available to all attendees. For a full schedule: www.nextlevelfairs.com/artpalmbeach

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    January 30, 2020 - 6 PM - 10 PM

    Honoring Jeff Greene, Visionary Award Recipient



    January 31, 2020 - 12 PM - 7 PM


    February 01, 2020 - 12 PM - 7 PM


    February 02, 2020 - 12 PM - 6 PM


    February 03, 2020 - 12 PM - 7 PM


    Palm Beach County Convention Center
    650 Okeechobee Blvd
    West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    United States

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