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Post Show Recap and Photography: Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami 2019

Additional exhibitor sales highlights at Spectrum Miami include:
Michaela Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen of Artnwordz placed over 39 pieces, including "Winging It" for $5,800 and "Cool Hand Luke" for $4,500.
Artblend placed 20 pieces, including an Alexandra Murguia sculpture for  $1,600; "Genesis" by Juliana Sheehan for $2,000; a Christine Alfrey piece for $2,400; Shawn Farester's "Pied Piper" at $6,000; Doug Powell's "Route 66" for $16,000; and Rene Cheng's "Raindrop" at $1,850.
Jason Perez Art placed Captain Casual's "Don't Hate, Celebrate" for $1,500; Diane Portwood's "...But Take No Shit" for $8,500; and Skel's "The Kennedys" for $3,000.
Robert Leone placed a Clarence Clemens original at $15,000 and Clarence Clemens print at $5,000. plus several others.
Ritchard Rodriguez placed "Passion Nocturnale" at $8,000 and "Fear of Awareness" at $1,100.
Tom Lohner placed "Lady Gaga" for $8,500.
A&E Fine Art/Sarona Gallery placed four paintings at $5,000 each.
FK-Art placed "A Foot in the Sand" for $6,500.
Galeria Uruguay placed Graciela Araciso's "Redimir" for $4,200; Ingrid Ruprechter's "Sunset" for $800; and Isabel Blanco's "Juntos" for $2,400.
Grace Chadwick placed "Masking Addiction Series No. 1" for $2,500.
Deanna Grant Studios placed "Sigurd" for $2,850 and "Golden Moire" for $1,275.
Raymonde Perron placed "Surplus Floral" at $1,600 and "Immersion" at $3,800.
Renata Cuellar placed "Puesta del Sol" at $5,500.
Richard Reuys placed 15 pieces, including "MaNigiri" and "WomaNigiri" at $2,210 each.
Liliana Mendez placed six "Climbers Collection" pieces at $580 each and another piece for $4,800.
Monica Perez placed three pieces for a total of $16,000, including "Milan" at $5,900.
Nathalia Delgado Nachtigall placed "Urban Nature" at $3,000.
Pigment International placed "Because Being Black in a White Space is a Real Thing" at $3,000 and Tyler Clark's "GodFidence" at $1,900.
Malcolm Smith placed 12 pieces, including five prints at $1,000 each and two "Shopper 4" prints at $1,800.
Karin Brauns placed "Sea Turtles" for $3,000. along with several other pieces.
The Fab Four placed three pieces, including Maya De Rodt's "From My Window" at $1,000 and Pamela Awad's "Happiness" at $2,500.
Victoria Velozo placed six pieces, including "Pretty Fly" at $1,400 and "Our Power" at $1,400.
Vincenzo Greco placed "Red Lips" at $1,800.
World Art Fest placed a Reuben Rodriguez piece at $1,500.
Layla Dangelo placed her "B Forever" wall sculpture for $3,000.
Eduardo Cabrer Studio placed "Thank You" for $2,000.
Henrie Collection placed "Rhythm" for $2,100 among several others.
Artelisted placed four paintings, including one for $1,750.
Elidea Art placed "Sigurd" for $2,850 and "Golden Moire" for $1,275.
Alfano Sculpture placed 17 sculptures ranging from $300 to $4,400.
Anjos Art Studio placed three pieces, including a Rose Rosetti sculpture for $1,200.

Spectrum Miami Award Winners included:
Directors’ Award: Artblend
Best Booth Design: Artavita - World Wide Art
Best International Exhibitor: Yang Yibin
Best New Exhibitor: Robert Leone
Sculpture: Elisa Adams Sculptor
Rising Artist: William Couture
[SOLO]: Malcolm Smith

Red Dot Miami, a curated gallery-only contemporary art fair, presented for its 14th year, saw the highly anticipated annual presentation of leading galleries and their artists, informed by [PASSION] as the curatorial theme for 2019. Red Dot Miami featured more than 60 galleries representing over 500 leading contemporary artists from primary and secondary markets throughout the world. The five-day show attracted more than 40,000 visitors and high-net-worth collectors who interacted with the specially curated programming, including live art demonstrations, the Spotlight Program, Art Labs, and the Discoveries Collection: presenting a series of unique discoveries from this year’s exhibitors.

This year’s Art Labs included: TRIBUTE TO THE MASTERS: KINETIC INSTALLATION presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA; TINY PRICKS PROJECT presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA; ART ON OLED presented by LG Display and THE ZENITH OF ART: SCULPTURE MEETS COUTURE presented by Zenith Art & Fashion. The 2019 Spotlight Program presented the selected group of recipients: Diego Victoria, Ilan Neuwirth Pop Art, Studio Jackie, The Wall of Arts, and Woodrow Nash Galleries. The Red Dot Miami Discoveries Collection presented a selection of unique discoveries from this year’s exhibitors, including Agora Gallery, Atelier Without Borders, Contemporary Art Projects USA, Hadani Gallery, Kirill Simakov Collection, The Lawley Group, and Steidel Gallery. The Discoveries Collection at Red Dot Miami showcased a broad range of artist’s work priced at $5,000 or less.

Contemporary Art Projects USA artist Luis Kaulani placed the first piece of the weekend, “Metal Shape 2063”, along with Jackie Fuch’s diptych “Well, Well, Well…” and “What Do We Have Here?” By the end of the fair, Renssen Art Gallery had placed 12 pieces, including three originals, ranging from $10,000 to $12,500.

  • 17.12.2019
    Presse »
    Red Dot Art Fair »


    Mana Wynwood
    2217 NW 5th Ave. (at NW 22nd Street)
    Miami, FL 33127

    Opening Night Preview Pass: $50 online / $60 at event
    Total Ticket: Opening Night + 5-Day Pass: $75 online / $85 at event
    General Admission, 1-Day Pass: $25 online / $30 at event
    Seniors, 1-Day Pass: $15 online / $20 at event
    Students, 1-Day Pass: $10 online / $15 at event

    Wednesday, December 4th: 6:00PM – 10:00PM

    Thursday, December 5th: 1:00PM – 9:00PM
    Friday, December 6th: 1:00PM – 10:00PM
    Saturday, December 7th: 1:00PM – 9:00PM
    Sunday, December 8th: 12:00PM – 5:00PM

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