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Barta & Partner

Barta & Partner GmbH
Gölsdorfgasse 3
1010 Wien
Tel.: 0043/1/5320840
Fax.: 0043/1/532084010

Barta & Partner has access to an extensive network on the art market – experienced restorers and appraisers such as those working with e. g. Christie’s Expert Services, Sotheby’s or the Viennese Dorotheum. This networking ensures that Barta & Partner can serve its clients in the best possible way. Barta & Partner are member of “The Art Loss Register”, a worldwide database for registering and service for recovering stolen works of art and other valuable possessions. We work for a better and more efficient market by following the principles of independence, discretion, professionalism and honesty. With ever-changing legal landscapes, we set the highest standards of due diligence, accountability, compliance and transactional safety for both, our business partners and ourselves. We consider ourselves as custodians of historical artefacts. By carefully selecting the objects and people with whom we conduct our business, we do everything to protect both, the artwork and its owner.