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Money is the sole obstacle to the prospect of all of us casually holidaying on the moon. However, fantasising remains a free, fruitful, and creative activity, which can still take form in our homes. With the Terra Cosmos theme, the Peclers Paris agency has identified new frontiers that Maison&Objet will be exploring during the September exhibition.

All with no need for a spacesuit. While these unprecedented formal and creative perspectives may have us with our eyes on the stars, the proposals themselves are down-to-earth, and the materials eminently telluric.

For François Delclaux, Terra Cosmos can be defined as: "first and foremost, ideas which play on raw minerality, in reference to lunar or Martian vistas." As the recurrent Curator of What’s New in Retail, he has already spotted signs thereof among the proposals from creators. "Pulpo often uses primary – if not 'primitive' – materials, as if fallen from a meteorite, thus imposing the very shape of the object," he goes on to say. Materials represent a powerful common thread for Terra Cosmos. These materials may be brutalist or sophisticated, iridescent or transparent, evocative of both the mineral surface of the stars as well as celestial and stellar expanses. "The treatment of light is somewhat reminiscent of the magic circles used by Le Deun Luminaires. Fuoriluogo Design's creations are redolent of myriads of stars," according to François Delclaux.

The Italian company Imperfetto Lab revendique claims nature as a source of inspiration in its entirety, and its products often conjure up images of this cosmic universe. "Our furniture is reminiscent of some distant archaeology, as if shaped by water, polished by the wind, or forged by fire," asserts the brand, which relies heavily on experimental expertise in its works. "In reality, these creations are brought to life by skilled hands and minds, which, after many years of experimentation, have mastered resin in all its possible metamorphoses," explains the Italian art laboratory.

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