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Ace Hotel Brooklyn - OPENING LATE SPRING 2021

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Atelier Ace is pleased to announce Ace Hotel Brooklyn, opening late Spring 2021.
Designed from the ground up in partnership with longtime Ace collaborators Roman and Williams, who shaped both the building and the interiors, the 287-room hotel adds a singularly new chapter to Ace’s romance with New York City. Located in Boerum Hill on the cusp of Downtown Brooklyn, the hotel stands above the ever-evolving intersection of everything: a geographical Venn diagram of intersecting energies, from the tree-lined streets and brownstones of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens to the art and culture clusters of Fort Greene, and all the way down to the restless East River. “We’ve been building toward Ace Brooklyn for years; the entire city has reimagined itself several times over since we started. That’s exactly the spirit we’ve worked to mirror in every corner of our new home — the inexhaustible ingenuity that stands as the borough’s only constant. We’re lucky enough to have landed at the junction of so many rich and inspiring neighborhoods, and hope to provide a new and inviting sense of place for our guests and neighbors to call home.”

– Brad Wilson, President, Ace Hotel Group

Open, spacious and welcoming, the hotel’s design nods to Brooklyn’s complex fabric of communal and creative spaces, with an animated public lobby and indoor-outdoor portals that ease into the city’s edges. The guest rooms pair floor-to-ceiling windows with original artwork by local fiber and textile artists — with some higher floors offering a 360o panorama of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Ace Hotel Brooklyn is the third design collaboration between Atelier Ace and Roman and Williams, following Ace Hotel New York and Ace Hotel New Orleans. Ace’s second-only ground-up build, the hotel’s facade and interiors are inspired by the sprawling egalitarian promise of the borough — from the industrial grit of its shipyards to the neo-expressionist complexity of Basquiat. Roman and Williams looked to traditions of studios and workspaces, embracing the purity of handcrafted expressions in every area — from massive timbers in the lobby, to the custom tile murals in the lavatories, the poured in place concrete structure of the building, plus a collection of furnishings created uniquely for this project.

“For our third collaboration with Ace Hotel, Roman and Williams created both the building and the interiors for Ace Brooklyn. We chose to embrace a governing principle of purity and artistic spirit in the building’s facade and the spaces within. We employed a philosophy of primitive modernism holistically across the project. This highly artistic approach drove us to use construction methods and materials with honesty. This is evident in everything you touch and see. This undecorated and tactile spirit expresses a radical transparency in its approach to the design of Ace Brooklyn.”

– Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, Roman and Williams

Ace Hotel Brooklyn will open late Spring 2021. For more information, head to acehotel.com/brooklyn

Ace Hotel reimagines urban spaces for people who make cities interesting. Our approach to all our projects is simple — we seek to genuinely embrace local culture in the areas we inhabit. We bring together narratives, artists and materials that speak to the building, to the site and to the city. From there, we welcome in the alchemy that’s created.

Our worlds are vast and dynamic. We build relationships with a wide range of people — makers, thinkers, creative do-it-yourselfers in the fields of art, technology, music, fashion, media and gastronomy. We are curious about the history and geography of the buildings and neighborhoods we inhabit, and let these guide us to someplace new. By honoring the architectural, social history of a site, with an eye for the future that envisions respectful and nuanced dedication to a community, we transform underutilized properties and create inspired spaces full of local art, intentional design and curious possibilities. Ace was founded in Seattle in 1999, with current locations in Seattle, Portland, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Chicago and Kyoto. Ace Hotel Brooklyn, Ace Hotel Toronto and Ace Hotel Sydney will open in 2021.

Ace Hotel Brooklyn belongs to Boerum Hill, on the cusp of Downtown Brooklyn — a block from the Hoyt- Schermerhorn Station, at the ever-evolving intersection of everything. The latest chapter in Ace’s long romance with New York, we built Ace Brooklyn from the ground up: every piece in service of the borough’s tireless ingenuity, made to move and breathe right along with the city itself. Designed in partnership with longtime Ace collaborators Roman and Williams, the hotel’s Brutalist facade welds seamlessly with interiors inspired by the raw artist studio spaces of the European modernists. There’s a communal lobby, a large-scale installation by artist Stan Bitters, and guest rooms that feature floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic views of Manhattan, Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty. We planted a verdant indoor garden complete with double-sided fireplace and sawtooth skylight, and made sure to furnish plenty of indoor and outdoor work spaces for our neighbors and guests — a lasting place to continue the city’s rich tradition of people doing things their own way, together.

  • 30.03.2021
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