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Hilger modern/contemporary


Hilger modern/contemporary


When? Saturday, June 11 th, starting at 7 pm

Where? Hilger contemporary, Dorotheergasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

***free drinks***

PERFEKT DEVICE is a project by the Vienna based creative collective, PERFEKT WORLD , comissioned by Contemporary Rasumofsky Projects . It’s remixing street art, graffiti, action painting and social media into a participative live performance. They are painting a 30m wall in front of Palais Rasumofsky solely by commands of the public, via the web and through public terminals. You are invited to join them at Galerie Hilger this weekend, on Saturday, June 11th where they will set up their controlterminal, similar to the ones they have recently installed at Centre Pompidou in Paris, WOW NOW in London and OFFF in Barcelona.

The crowd-sourced painting, that has attracted over 4000 virtual visitors from over 50 countries in the first 3 days alone, combines a variety of art forms to reflect developments in society, particularly the impact of the internet. It uses technology to reach out to the wider public, democratizing the creative process and creating a more immediate conversation between the artists, the viewers (who turn into artists themselves) and as such, the art itself. The idea is being spread across the digital community, playing with the forces of social networks that have impacted society and presenting the conversation in a contemporary context. While viewers are empowered to participate through the web their creativity is being channeled back onto the canvas, the focal point of the project.

The objective of Contemporary Rasumofsky Projects (CPR) founded by Sammlung Sanziany & Palais Rasumofsky is to create a series of side-specific projects, like PERFEKT DEVICE. Many more temporary projects as well as permanent installations to come - projects & installations, which will be specially created for & adapted to the space of Palais Rasumofsky. CPR commissioned Vienna based artist Leo ZOGMAYER to create two largscale installations including a 15meter fountain and a ~ 50m long sculpture which is supposed to visualize the score of the Rasumofsky-Quartette which Ludwig van Beethoven composed for Prince Andreas Rasumofsky in the year 1806. CPR try to create a space for contemporary art without forgetting the past. The Palais Rasumofsky is also the home of Sammlung Sanziany - a big collection of contemporary art. CPR will also present exhibition projects including works from the collection. FURTHER NEWS COMING SOON.

For further info, please don't hesitate to contact us contemporary@hilger.at

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