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PayerPorzellan Masterpieces Austria

PayerPorzellan Masterpieces Austria
Piroska Payer, Freyung 3 / Palais Harrach
1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)664-466 16 15

PAYERPORCELAIN is exclusively engaged in the production of superior plates, vases, cups, etc.- the special affection for details makes every piece a jewel, which cannot be produced twice.

Artistic skill and intellectual sense combined with the best know-how and secrets about fine objects d’art made out of porcelain create the solid base for the worlds best and unique products.

The aim and the philosophy of our company is the production of everlasting pieces of art that are characterised by moving beauty and exactitude.

We focus on exclusive work following centuries of old tradition – combining it with innovative ideas designed in accordance with the taste of the 21st century.

PAYERPORCELAIN's goal is to keep up the tradition of hand painted porcelain, adding innovation at the same time!

The Masterpainter Karl Molnar has been compared, by porcelain specialists, to the world famous painter Josef Nigg who’s paintings are only to be seen at prestigeous museums around the world.