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Patrick Rampelotto "supermodified"

For Patrick Rampelotto, design is not only about reinterpreting tradition, but about pimping it up. In his most recent work, he called on the know-how of Tibetan carpet weavers and the sketches of Adolf Loos to create pieces that are both simple and ingenious. Always aiming at making more with less, Rampelotto has a predilection for mundane materials, such as duct tape, and elementary production techniques, such as weaving. He never starts from scratch. Quite on the opposite, he transfigures remnants of culture as he strategically misuses them: he makes a decorative motif out of a didactic sketch, a couch out of a house or a surface out of a repairing tool. Design is then to be understood as a “supermodification” of the most familiar things.

Gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler will be showing his “Tape Chairs”, the “Micro Macro” carpet and outdoor furniture pieces.

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  • Patrick Rampelotto "supermodified"
    Harald Bichler - Rauminhalt