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Ace Hotel Brooklyn Announces In-Room Art Programme

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Ace Hotel Brooklyn Announces Extensive In-Room Art Programme, Featuring Works From Over 20 Artists Ace Brooklyn Exhibition Series Also Announced

Ace Hotel Brooklyn is pleased to share details of the hotel’s guest room art programme. Each of the 287 rooms at Ace Hotel Brooklyn, opening July 29 2021, feature original works from a group of artists who have an intimate relationship with the borough. Ace commissioned long time friend and collaborator Niki Tsukamoto, an artist who also created original works for the guest rooms, to help curate Ace’s first wide scale fibre art project for the hotel. Roughly two dozen textile artists — many based locally in Brooklyn — created fibre works hanging in the hotels’ guest rooms to reflect and celebrate the rich tapestry of the borough, while animating each of the rooms with one-of-a-kind details.

Throughout the rest of 2021, the gallery at Ace Hotel Brooklyn will feature works created by the artists featured in the hotel guest rooms, alongside a wider list of collaborators. The inaugural show, CYNTHIA ALBERTO & WEAVING HAND, is a twofold exhibition showcasing work by artist and designer Cynthia Alberto, alongside works created by Land Gallery and AHRCNYC artists in collaboration with Weaving Hand — Alberto’s Brooklyn healing arts studio. The show is open for public view in Ace Hotel Brooklyn's ground floor gallery space from July 29 - August 30, 2021. Sales inquiries can be made at the hotel’s front desk.

In September & October 2021, the gallery will host a show featuring work from all of the artists featured in the in-room art programme. In November, the gallery will host Black Folks in Design for NYC Design Week, and in December the textile series will finish up with an experimental exhibition by the Textile Art Center - recreating an artist studio in the gallery space, with a rotating selection of artworks as well as workshops and demonstrations.

In addition to the in-room and public artworks, a number of the artists have created home goods and jewellery that will be for sale on an ongoing basis at the Ace Shop in the hotel’s lobby. Ceramic and textile works by Cynthia Alberto and jewellery by Paige Martin are currently available. In September, additional commissioned pieces — including a print by Caroline Kaufman and a scarf by Lookout and Wonderland (artist and curator Niki Tsukamoto and Yusuke Tsukamoto) — will be available coinciding with the group exhibition.

  • 29.07.2021
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  • Photography courtesy of Ace Hotel Brooklyn
    Photography courtesy of Ace Hotel Brooklyn
  • Work by Caroline Kaufman Photography courtesy of Ace Hotel Brooklyn
    Work by Caroline Kaufman Photography courtesy of Ace Hotel Brooklyn
  • Work by Moira Quinn Photography courtesy of Ace Hotel Brooklyn
    Work by Moira Quinn Photography courtesy of Ace Hotel Brooklyn