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Becca by Terry Crews for Bernhardt Design

Terry Crews and Bernhardt Design continue their design partnership with the release of his latest collection, Becca. After creating memorably unique pieces for the home and hospitality markets in his debut collection, he addressed the needs of public space furniture with Elevation, a system of benches and tables created for large open areas. With Becca, he turns his attention to finely tailored sofas and club chairs.

Harmony by Jephson Robb for Bernhardt Design
As the workplace moves away from formality, the focus has turned to creating more relaxed and inviting spaces. New challenges also emerge in finding the right balance between personalized aesthetics and functionality. Inspired by these cultural shifts, acclaimed Scottish sculptor Jephson Robb designed Harmony.

73V is an expansion of the technique used to create Bocci’s popular 73 series. The new pendant features a novel oblong shape and gradient colour range. 73V results from blowing molten glass into a folded, heat-resistant ceramic fabric. The resulting shape has a formal and textural expression intuitively associated with fabric, which becomes permanent as it cools. A light source is positioned at the top of each pendant, accentuating the volumetric perception of the piece as well as the gradation of color.

28 Armature
28 results from an innovative fabrication process that manipulates both the temperature and the direction of air flow into blown glass. The result is a slightly distorted sphere with an interior landscape of satellite shapes, including an opaque milk glass diffuser that houses either a low-voltage xenon or LED lamp. 28 series are available in 90 different colour ways making every fixture unique in form and composition.

Matthew Hilton (365) Orson Desk
Orson desk, made in rich hardwood and cast iron, simply and quietly performs the task required, while remaining approachable and appealing to the senses. Three solid wood drawers provide ample storage for desk accessories, while three small compartments at the back of the desk provide an efficient and attractive cable management system. Accessories designed to complement the desk include two storage trays and a pencil holder which are available separately.

Matthew Hilton (359) Kimble Windsor Chair
Kimble is a Windsor chair named after a neighbouring village of High Wycome in Buckinghamshire, where the Windsor chair originated. The chair uses traditional Windsor chair making techniques in order to further the story, the evolution of the English Windsor chair. The contrast of the black walnut seat on this otherwise ash chair, attractively highlights the wedge tenon detail where the leg intersects with the top of the seat.

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  • Becca by Terry Crews for Bernhardt Design
    Becca by Terry Crews for Bernhardt Design
    Bernhardt Design
  • Harmony by Jephson Robb for Bernhardt Design
    Harmony by Jephson Robb for Bernhardt Design
    Bernhardt Design
  • Bocci’s 73V
    Bocci’s 73V
    Bernhardt Design