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Design Miami/ Basel 2014

Art Fair

Design Miami/ Basel looks back at its most spectacular edition, with more than 50 galleries showing from around the world, record attendance and the introduction of the headline-grabbing Design At Large Program

June 25, 2014 - The ninth edition of Design Miami/ Basel, June 16-22, opened with its largest and most spectacular show to date, affirming its position as the leading global forum for collectible design. More than 50 galleries from 13 different countries presented a range of museum-quality historical pieces to newly commissioned works to record attending audiences of collectors and design enthusiasts - 26,600 visitors over 7 days. The fair also launched its newest program Design At Large curated by Creative Director of Barneys New York Dennis Freedman, and unveiled its most ambitious Design Commission Triangular Series by Jamie Zigelbaum.

“Each year, Design Miami/ Basel has exceeded its previous incarnation in every way and the June 2014 fair has been no exception; with increased visitors, an expanded floor plan, additional galleries and programming, said Executive Director Rodman Primack. “What has remained consistent throughout has been the presence of museum-quality vintage design in immediate proximity to ground breaking contemporary work, though this year we have seen particularly beautiful booth constructions. It has been a thrilling fair throughout.”

The central meeting place on the global design calendar, the fair attracted again a plethora of notable attendees including art gallerists and dealers Larry Gagosian, Jay Jopling, Almine Rech, Jeff Poe, Edward Tyler Nahem, Bruno and Yoyo Bischofberger, Dominique Lévy, Nicholas Maclean, Gerard Faggionato and Ben Brown; architects including David Adjaye and Kulapat Yantrasast; economist Jean-Pierre Lehmann; collectors Marie and Joe Donnelly, Noam Gottesman, Dan Loeb, Pam and Dick Kramlich, Peter Brant, Beth de Woody, Adam Lindemann, Patrizia Sandretto, Re Rebaudengo and Alberto Mugrabi; as well as Lauren Santo Domingo, Michele Lamy, Alice Tisch and Becca Cason Thrash.

This year’s gallery program featured more than 1,000 spectacular twentieth-century pieces, including two historically significant dwellings, along with contemporary works, many of which had been commissioned for the fair. Design Miami/ Basel welcomed back longtime exhibitors Johnson Trading Gallery, David Gill and Pearl Lam Galleries as well as first time participants Galerie Matthieu Richard, Gallery FUMI, Galerie MiniMasterpiece and Gosserez.

The importance of good scenography became all the more apparent with a number of galleries, such as Galerie Jacques Lacoste, opting for a tightly edited selection of works in a beautifully conceived setting. The fair also saw the growing popularity of wall-based works - of which Maria Wettergren had a number of notable examples, including the delicate lace work Here, Now by Gjertrud Hals. Marble and brass continued a strong return to favor in contemporary design works, including new works in marble by Massimiliano Locatelli at Nilufar and Aldo Bakker at Galerie Vivid. There were some unusual explorations of natural materials, including Studio Swine’s Hair Highway series at Pearl Lam Galleries that used long human hair set in natural resin as its base material. Fine craftsmanship in both wood and ceramic works continued to be popular, as seen in YMER&MALTA’s Marquetry editions.

“Design Miami/ Basel remains an important site for international discourse about design. The confluence of works from Africa, The Americas, Asia and Europe creates an opportunity for collectors to discover new passions, for critics to voice opinions and for enthusiasts to become connoisseurs. Fueling authentic and informed interest in design is truly one of the main goals of the fair,” said Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, Creative Director of Design Miami/.

Audi unveiled an architectural installation by Konstantin Grcic, inspired by the new Audi TT coupé. One of the most influential designers of our time, Grcic’s TT Pavilion installation used real elements of the Audi TT, such as the rear hatch, and was designed to be assembled and dismantled as required. Innovative Audi technology and automotive materials were combined with wooden elements to produce a structure that is at once space-aged and reassuringly familiar in design. Mounted on stilts, it could be sited in an urban landscape as well as in a natural outdoor environment. Fredrikson Stallard’s 'Prologue' - a monumental 1.2 ton steel ring set with 8,000 pear-shaped crystals commissioned by Swarovski – was a spectacular attraction. Evoking the rising sun, the 4-meter-high work was suspended from the ceiling and cast golden, color-flecked sparkles throughout the fair.

The ground floor entrance hall was dominated by this year’s Design Commission, Triangular Series, a responsive, suspended installation by Jamie Zigelbaum. Resembling icy stalactites, the suspended tetrahedral forms of the immersive installation pulsed with warm and cold light, responding to the movement of visitors through the space. The work also provided a dramatic setting for the VIP dinner hosted by Nadja Swarovski, Craig Robins and Rodman Primack on the eve of the fair.

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    Design Miami/ Basel, June 16-22

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  •   Here, Now by Gjertrud Hal at Galerie Maria Wettergren
    Here, Now by Gjertrud Hal at Galerie Maria Wettergren
    Design Miami
  • Studio Swine’s Hair Highway series at Pearl Lam Galleries
    Studio Swine’s Hair Highway series at Pearl Lam Galleries
    Design Miami
  • TT Pavilion by Konstantin Grcici for Audi
    TT Pavilion by Konstantin Grcici for Audi
    Design Miami
  • 'Prologue' by Fredrikson Stallard for Swarovski
    'Prologue' by Fredrikson Stallard for Swarovski
    Design Miami
  • 2014 Design Commission Recipient Jamie Zigelbaum in front of Triangular Series
    2014 Design Commission Recipient Jamie Zigelbaum in front of Triangular Series
    Design Miami
  • Maison Bulle 6 Coques (1965) by Jean Benjamin Maneval from Jousse Entreprise and SÉANCE by Sheil Hicks presented by Demisch Danant
    Maison Bulle 6 Coques (1965) by Jean Benjamin Maneval from Jousse Entreprise and SÉANCE by Sheil Hicks presented by Demisch Danant
    Design Miami