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ENTER Curated Choice #4 Christmas edition

Online group show for sale - directly to you from the ENTER galleries - December 2022.

‘Curated choice’ is an Enter Art Fair initiative where we invite curators or art personalities to propose a theme under which they will curate a selection of works of any media from the participating ENTER galleries. Every new edition of ‘Curated Choice’ will bring a new theme, a new curator and new works – and will run continuously throughout the year in between the fairs every August.

All works are available for sale. Prices and detailed information is easily found in the presentation via the button below. Don’t hold back. Ask questions and connect directly with the galleries for any inquires.

Theme #4: Christmas edition I Presents under 10.000,- € Curated by: Kirsten Eggers (DE) Head Art Advisor - Enter Art Fair.

For the fourth edition of ENTER CURATED CHOICE we would like to do a special Christmas Edition. Rather than focussing on a curated topic under which our galleries can send in their available works, for this time I would like to concentrate on works, that could be wonderful Christmas gifts. Works under 10.000 Euro. This curation is about giving and discovering art works in a playful and joyful way.

Every year we are back at the same question:
What do we want for Christmas or what can we acquire for our beloved for this occasion?

This year Enter Art Fair helps you out with art works from our international ENTER galleries with a selection of works, that are all under 10.000,- Euro.

So don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to discover your art work as present for yourself or someone you would would like to give a special gift to and support this way the artists and our wonderful galleries as well.

See all the artworks here

Kirsten Eggers, Head Art Advisor & Chairman of the selection committee of Enter Art Fair. Kirsten worked for 9 years for important, international operating galleries in Berlin. The last four years she was at KÖNIG GALERIE Berlin as one the directors. She has participated in many international major art fairs as Art Basel (Basel, Hong Kong, Miami). Kirsten has extensive knowledge and experience in the art market and the art world with a strong network of collectors, collections and institutions, specifically in Europe and the German-speaking countries. She holds a Master’s Degree of Arts in Art History.
Contact: Kirsten@enterartfair.com

  • 07.12.2022 - 24.12.2022
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Andrea Francesco Todisco (*1998, CH) ist der fünfte


  • Copyright © 2022 Enter Art Fair
    Copyright © 2022 Enter Art Fair
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  • Kirsten Eggers, Head Art Advisor & Chairman of the selection committee of Enter Art Fair.
    Kirsten Eggers, Head Art Advisor & Chairman of the selection committee of Enter Art Fair.
    Enter Art Fair